Friday, March 8, 2013

A rare peep from a North Jersey racist

This morning, Hackensack residents awoke to a winter wonderland and wondered if the city's Department of Public Works will do its usual sloppy job of clearing streets, intersections, crosswalks and bus stops.

It's been many weeks since I've heard from a wealthy racist who lives in Saddle River or another white enclave, but he was in full venom the other day when he commented on the post concerning Hackensack City Attorney Joseph C. Zisa Jr.

"Perhaps when you take over the paper and fire them?

"And, when you get to be a Hackensack councilman, all that those city problems will be solved.

"You don't like The Record; don't read it

"You don;t like Hackensack; move

"I am perfectly content in my little community"

To which I replied:

"You sound like a perfect little asshole."

His response lumps Hackensack with Paterson and Passaic, and uses code to describe minority residents:
"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why is Joe Zisa still Hackensack city attorney?":

"Yes, a perfect little asshole with plenty of money and living very comfortably in my lilly white town

"And you know the reason for the problems in Hackensack, Passaic and Paterson?

"Uneducated misfits"

In the past several years, especially since The Record fled to Woodland Park and Rockaway, most of the local news coverage has shifted dramatically from Hackensack and other diverse communities to wealthy towns like Tenafly, Saddle River and  Wayne


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