Thursday, March 14, 2013

Victor E. Sasson gets a good ballot position

Part of the St. Patrick's Day display in the office of City Clerk Debra Heck.

A drawing was held this afternoon at Hackensack City Hall to determine the ballot positions of the 11 candidates vying for 5 City Council seats in the non-partisan election on May 14.

Victor E. Sasson, the retired reporter, copy editor and food writer who edits Eye on The Record, will appear at the bottom of a single column of candidates under "Vote for Peace and Quiet."

City Clerk Debra Heck, who is running the election, said Sasson did well to be at the bottom so he wouldn't get lost among all of the other names.

The top or bottom of the column is ideal for candidates who are running independently, she said.

The ballot in the presidential election last November displayed parties and candidates in rows, from left to right. 

The May 14 ballot will display two slates of candidates and Sasson in a single, verticle column.

Addresses of registered voters in Hackensack.

Heck placed pieces of paper with the names of the two slates and "Vote for Peace and Quiet" in small, green plastic eggs in recognition of St. Patrick's Day on Sunday.

Emil Canestrino, whose wife Katherine is a candidate, drew first, and came up with her 5-person slate, Hackensack Citizens for Change.

The campaign manager for the Hackensack Coalition for Open Government drew next, and came up with his 5-person group, which critics are calling the "Zisa Slate." 

So, Sasson didn't have to draw to get the last or bottom position in the column.

In view of the Irish-American holiday on Sunday, all he can say is, "Bottoms up!" 

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