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Is Lynne Hurwitz backing Hackensack slate?

Who really holds the keys to Hackensack City Hall?

Around City Hall, the Hackensack Coalition for Open Government -- 5 candidates in the non-partisan May  14 City Council election -- is known as the "Lynne Hurwitz slate."

So, who is Hurwitz? Well, she is 74 and lives in Hackensack.

But you won't find any additional clues in The Record's coverage of the campaign, which hasn't mentioned Hurwitz.

For that, you'll have to do an Internet search for comments about her: 

From Carol H on the Web site
of Blue Jersey, Sept. 12, 2007

I had to laugh when I read that Lynne Hurwitz, the Municipal Democratic Chair of Hackensack, felt intimidated by a bunch of rank and file Bergen County Committee Democrats who are tired of being ignored and their activist friends from Democracy for America and NJ for Democracy:

"Those opposed to the planned suit will be able to register their vote when the county committee meets. Or, said Hackensack Democratic Chairwoman Lynne Hurwitz, they could find time to schedule a private, diplomatic meeting with [Joseph] Ferriero.

"I've never known him not to want to sit down and discuss things," Hurwitz said. "The desire to bring it out on the street only tells me that they want a raucous confrontation and to embarrass the party."

But lets dig deeper, shall we?  Who exactly is Ms. Hurwitz and what job does she have at the county level?  She is Bergen County Deputy Chief of Staff. So, she is basically Ferriero's Karl Rove in the Bergen County Government.  And I wonder if she has family working for Bergen County as well......  Why, yes she does!  Husband Howie is Executive Director of the Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority - a group that handles collective bargaining contracts with the employees union.

Combined, Lynne and Howie make over six figures and are involved in who to hire in Bergen County and what to pay them.  Now, if I was Chris Christie trying to figure out just exactly how all those Democratic County Committee Municipal Chairs wind up with County jobs, I might decide to ask Ms. Hurwitz a few questions.  But I'm not, so I'll leave my little thought experiment here.
carolh :: Lynne Hurwitz - Woman of Many Talents

Responding to criticism, Carol H said:

I did not attack Ms. Hurwitz.  I simply pointed out that she is clearly a political ally of Joe Ferriero and that she and her husband hold powerful positions in Bergen County Government - positions for influencing the hiring other Bergen County Employees.  If I wanted to be mean I really could have pointed out that she also worked for Ken Zisa when he was in the Assembly, and that she has very close ties to Bob Torricelli.  But I didn't do that, did I?

From a Web site
called Find the Data: 

Lynne B. Hurwitz was born in 1938 and retired from Bergen County on 01/11 with a retirement cause of Service. The Pension is funded by PERS - Public Employee Retirement System as a Member benefit type. 

The Salary used for the pension calculation is $97,047.6 with a monthly pension payment of $2,499.7, which is 17% higher than the average for all New Jersey State Pensions.

From PolitickerNJ,
April 30, 2010

Also worth watching is how Hackensack Democrats transitions out of the Zisa scandal.  Zisa’s brother is the Deputy Police Chief, his cousin is the City Attorney, and another brother was the longtime mayor.  The Hackensack Democratic Municipal Chair is Lynne Hurwitz, a longtime Zisa ally who now serves as Deputy Chief of Staff to Bergen County Executive Dennis C. McNerney.  Bergen County Freeholder Tomas Padilla, who is not seeking re-election, is a Hackensack police captain with exceptionally close ties to the Zisa family.

From a column in The Record,
June 30, 2012

She is a 73-year-old grandmother who says her “style is to help people.” Her critics call her a fierce, no-holds-barred power broker and key strategist behind Hackensack’s former police chief, Ken Zisa, and his family’s political machine.

See previous post on The Record's
Hackensack coverage

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