Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hackensack doesn't need another lawyer

The Landmark Building at 27 Warren St. in Hackensack.

Jason Nunnermacker is identified as a "local attorney" in campaign literature for the Hackensack Coalition for Open Government, one of the slates in the May 14 City Council election.

If there is one thing Hackensack tax payers don't need after being bled dry by lawyers who swarmed around the legal problems of former Police Chief Ken Zisa, it's another attorney running things.

By one candidate's estimate, the city has paid $6 million in legal bills in the past three years, and not all of that was covered by insurance.

Nunnermacker also is on the Hackensack Board of Education.

A year ago, board members battled over the firing of three administrators allegedly allied with Zisa and Lynne Hurwitz, the powerful Democratic municipal chairwoman.

Hurwitz is said to back Nunnermacker's slate. 

So far, the so-called Coalition for Open Government hasn't been very open about Hurwitz or the special interests backing its campaign.

Victor E. Sasson, editor of Eye on The Record, is an independent candidate in the City Council election.

He is financing his own grass-roots campaign, and has pledged that if he is elected, he will give back to the city or a charity one-quarter of his $10,400 annual salary.  

Today's paper

Columnist Charles Stile -- The Record's chief apologist for Governor Christie's abysmal treatment of minorities -- claims the GOP bully's policies are "a lot more ... nuanced than that" (A-1).

Why does Stile sound less and less like an independent journalist and more and more like someone who is or wants to be on the governor's payroll?

More baseball on Page 1 today, for the second day in a row? Hey, Editor Marty Gottlieb, go back to New York, and never return.

In Local, head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and her deputy, Dan Sforza, could muster only 3 pages of local news -- and six of the stories are from Passaic County.

The huge photo on L-3 -- one in a series of utility pole news -- was snapped just down the street from the Woodland Park newsroom.

Now, that's enterprising journalism. 

Hail to the news biz

Broadway, Hollywood and the electronic media continue to shy away from exposing some of the nation's lousiest newspapers, including The Record.

The Better Living cover today reports on a new play, Nora Ephron's "Lucky Guy," starring Tom Hanks, about New York tabloid journalism in the 1980s and 199os.

What about the trash that passes for New York tabloid journalism today?

What about the story of an ambitious young North Jersey marketing executive who pushes his aging, overweight father aside; grabs a $3.65 million company mortgage to buy a bigger house; and, several months later, orders the biggest downsizing in the local paper's history?

Monday's paper

Why give a big slice of Page 1 to one of the paper's least exciting writers, Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson (Monday's NJ/DC column)?

Check out his lead paragraph on "the latest fodder in an ongoing debate in Washington over finding new ways to fund recovery from the worst natural disasters."

Did you nod off? I did.

Gottlieb ran Jackson's drivel as one of two pieces on Superstorm Sandy -- the editors' continuing excuse for not covering local news.

Another misfire

Sunday's column on the front of Local was an April Fools' joke on readers from the Road Warrior.

Let's hope no reader was foolish enough to take any of his idiotic advice.

For example, why hide a business card in your car door, which would require taking apart the door, instead of taping it behind a license plate or putting it inside the owner's manual?

Here's a concerned reader's take:
"The Road Warrior's April Fools driving tips in his March 31 column were a real hoot since they appear to try and fool people into thinking that none of these tips are really April Fools gags.

"Road Warrior's foolish and frequently unsafe advice -- like backing into parking-lot spaces, keeping hands too low on the steering wheel, not unbuckling after a crash, and hoping against all hope that a business card hidden in your car's door is the only hope you have of your stolen car being returned to you -- fly in the face of saner, safer advice from transportation experts and those with common sense who know better.

"Congratulations to the Road Warrior and The Record for their April Fools pranks that will increase the likelihood of costly car damage, unrecovered stolen cars, injuries and death!"

Read the full e-mail to management on the Facebook page for Road Warrior Bloopers:

Desperate columnist pranks readers 


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