Sunday, April 28, 2013

More shoddy reporting from the Road Warrior

Three of four Toyota Prius hybrids parked on Thursday morning at Jackson Hole on Grand Avenue in Englewood. Only two had a green E-ZPass, which gives hybrid owners toll discounts on the parkway and turnpike and at the Hudson River crossings.

At least Road Warrior John Cichowski is consistent:

Just about every one of his columns in The Record is flawed, according to a reader concerned about all the misinformation being peddled as fact:

"While enduring triple doses of shoddy, misleading and false reports each week, the last thing readers need is the Road Warrior's  malarkey and false report in his April 24 column about the very simple Motor Vehicle Commission policy about waiving the trip to an MVC office for driver-license renewal.

"There was no need [for a reader] to contact the Road Warrior for this type of assistance and worry about being subject to a misleading story about her personal plight.

"A simple call by a person with a debilitating medical condition to their New Jersey state representative would have solved the problem. The state representative would arrange with MVC to get them in and out of an MVC office as quickly as possible without having to wait on long lines.

"Road Warrior and The Record owes an apology to:

"All those 48 years and younger and their families and friends for dismissing their pain and suffering due to debilitating medical conditions as not being worthy for waiving the MVC trip.

"Those born on Dec. 1, 1964, including families and friends, for mistakenly indicating they do not qualify for waiving the MVC trip."

The full e-mail can be read on the Facebook page for Road Warrior Bloopers: Exploiting the sick

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