Sunday, April 7, 2013

City Council candidate refines campaign platform

Private jets landing or taking off from Teterboro Airport shatter the peace and quiet once enjoyed by homeowners and high-rise residents of Hackensack.

Victor E. Sasson of Hackensack, the only independent candidate in the May 14 City Council election, has refined his campaign platform.

Sasson also is the only candidate who pledges to give back one-quarter of his $10,400 council salary, if he is elected.


Victor E. Sasson, a former newspaper reporter who is running as an independent in the May 14 City Council election, is asking for your vote. I am running on a quality of life platform that seeks to rein in property tax increases and improve city services.

The election is the most important in decades. My name will appear at the bottom of a column of 10 other candidates -- symbolizing how I will get to the bottom of things. You can vote for me and 4 other candidates.

If elected, I will:

  • End the patronage mill at City Hall.
  • Cut the city budget by $2 million and maintain services.
  • Sell up to 15 cars now being driven home by city employees.
  • Work with Teterboro Airport to reduce aircraft noise.
  • Get Hackensack to purchase more efficient vehicles.
  • Start collection of garbage and recyclables after 6:30 a.m.
  • Ban commercial landscaping work on Sundays.
  • Get police to crack down on speeders, stop-sign violators and loud motorcycles.
  • Encourage the city to undertake a major program to repave streets. Have turn lanes installed on Passaic Street, at Summit Avenue, and at other traffic bottlenecks.
  • Encourage the non-profit Hackensack University Medical Center to pay more to the city in lieu of taxes.
  • Stop a 19-story, long-term, acute-care hospital from going up between Prospect and Summit avenues, near Golf Place.
  • Improve the food at Hackensack High School, and encourage administrators to plant vegetable gardens at all of the schools to fight the obesity epidemic.
  • Encourage the City Council to deliver a property tax cut to residents by passing along some of the additional tax revenue from major building projects, and gasoline and electricity savings.
  • Call me with suggestions or if you need a ride to the polls: 201-488-3012.

  • Follow me on Twitter/@vsasson
  • Read my blogs:
  • Eye on The Record
  • Do You Really Know What You’re Eating?


  1. Mr. Sasson, what influence could you have over the quality of school lunches? Youre running for city council, not the board of education. And why are you not concerned about the quality of food at the elementary schools and middle schools? And what good is planting vegetable gardens at the schools when the growing season and the school year does not overlap entirely?

  2. Your negativism and apathy are why little gets done in Hackensack. My stepson attends the high school and went to the middle school. Vegetable gardens would be planted at all of the schools, and the produce would be available through the growing season, whether kids are in school or not.

    People like you really make me sick: Hiding your defeated lives behind anonymous tags and defending the status quo of paying a huge catering company to feed crap to children.

  3. Too funny Mr. Sasson. Going back in this blog, you have alienated a pretty large segment of the voting public: overweight people, smokers, Republicans, etc...but you are asking for them to vote for you? Hey, everybody is entitled to their opinions (great country we live in) but why would a person's personal characteristic (weight) have anything to do with your disagreement with their policies or opinions? Would a member of the public who had a complaint, say John Doe (who is overweight), be able to approach a Councilman Sasson without being called "Obese John" by you publicly in the Council Chambers? I don't know you, but based on what I read, you seem very bitter. A little civility goes a long way. People are diverse. Not agreeing with you makes them no less human. Think about it.

  4. You must be one of those obese Republicans with hacking coughs who think food has no connection to your health or feeling of well-being; who defends our obese governor's refusal to expand the school breakfast program for low-income children and his grab for affordable housing funds to balance the state budget after more than three years of fiscal mismanagement.

    No. I'm not expecting your vote. And, no, I don't call people obese to their face, because I recognize they are prisoners of their food obsessions. I worked with several obese co-workers at The Record, and got along with all of them. If I faulted them, it was for their work performance or that they got ahead because of their youth, not their talent.

    I have been overweight all my life, but in the past two years, I've lost a good deal of weight and feel great. I feel sorry for people who can't muster the discipline to do the same, but when that person is a food writer or restaurant reviewer for a newspaper, indulging their obsessions and recommending unhealthy food is irresponsible.


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