Thursday, April 4, 2013

Who got fired, Governor Christie?

Many students walk to the Dunkin' Donuts on Passaic Street or to the Starbucks on Essex Street rather than eat what passes for lunch at Hackensack High School. Was there any discussion of food quality at this week's public forum for Board of Education candidates?

A big, black banner headline in The Record, multiple stories and columns, and a swarm of reporters and editors usually mean earth-shattering news.

Was Governor Christie fired by tax payers fed up with his mismanagement of state finances, mass transit and road repairs (A-3 and A-4)? Did he lose weight?

No. All of this overblown coverage piles on what readers already knew from the electronic media on Wednesday: 

Rutgers fired the sorry ass of basketball coach Mike Rice "for physically and verbally abusing players and making homophobic comments and anti-gay slurs during practices" (A-1).

Only one other story appears on Page 1, along with four briefs.

Men need sports

In the 14 months Editor Marty Gottlieb has been running the Woodland Park newsroom, he's played sports on the front page even more than his ass-slapping, jock-itching predecessor.

The sad fact is that men like Gottlieb and many of his male reporters and editors can't relate to other men without sports as the medium.

But why he is making light of so many other issues by constantly running crappy, poorly written sports columns and other nonsense on Page 1? 

Dissing the elderly

For example, one of today's A-1 briefs reports Alzheimer's "is the most expensive malady in the U.S.," so why is the full story buried on A-11 and why does autism get so much more attention in The Record? 

Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' boycott of Hackensack news continues today, but readers will find two Englewood stories and a Teaneck story on the Local front, and another Englewood story on L-3.

Still, Sykes needs another photo of a non-fatal accident to fill her section (L-3). 

Where was her deputy, Dan Sforza? Did he spend the day in the crapper, reading the sports pages?  

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