Saturday, April 20, 2013

Road Warrior should drive off into sunset

These potholes on Euclid Avenue in Hackensack were finally patched two days ago.

Staff Writer John Cichowski continues to peddle misinformation in his Road Warrior column, but his errors are rarely corrected.

The mistakes are bad enough, but his exaggerations and his publication of his fans' unverified claims have long grated on readers' nerves.

Clearly, Cichowski is burned out. 

He has missed three deadlines recently, and his column was missing without explanation. 

It's time for The Record to end this disservice, and find a fresh voice to report on commuting problems -- both driving and mass transit.

Here is an excerpt from a concerned reader's e-mail to management on the last two Road Warrior columns.

"Keeping the Road Warrior continues to be a liability for The Record as his problems continue to escalate when misreporting pothole problems, and regurgitating misinformation from studies, including a recent AAA study on annual driving costs, as reported in his April 19 column.

"Based on the AAA study, the Road Warrior reported that an increase in fuel costs last year contributed less than 2% to the overall annual increase in driving costs, and the increase was small in comparison to maintenance costs.
"Fuel cost increases were actually the number one contributing factor, adding around 45% to the overall annual cost increase.

"Based on past columns, including his recent April 5 column, the Road Warrior frequently over-exaggerates or accepts outright tall tales from local residents about many pothole areas.
"I drive though many of the reported areas and fail to see the gaping potholes and bottomless pits the Road Warrior is so fond of reporting about, along with his delusional sound effects.
"These sorry conditions are unlikely to change until somebody at The Record finds the kind of courage that it takes to zigzag between his misinformation and the actual truth and end some of New Jersey's worst reporting by the Road Warrior."

Read the complete e-mail on the Facebook page for Road Warrior Bloopers:

Biggest holes are in reporter's head 


  1. I see in today's local section coverage of the Hackensack BOE election. I'm wondering if the powers that be at The Record had planned a story (four days after the fact) or if they peruse your blog for story ideas.

  2. Seems like that's true. Hannan Adely is a talented reporter. The fault seems to lie with Steve McCarthy, her assignment editor, and his lazy cohorts, all of whom work under Deirdre Sykes, who is permanently out to lunch.


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