Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are residents fleeing Christie's New Jersey?

Extensive patching of Euclid Avenue, above, and other streets in Hackensack have encouraged some drivers to start speeding and blowing through stop signs again.

Good luck trying to make any sense of today's Page 1 story in The Record on North Jersey allegedly dealing with "reverse migration" to New York City.

This poorly edited story tries to wring meaning from just about anything -- including "The Tonight Show" returning to Manhattan and two sports teams setting up camp in Brooklyn.

It is completely devoid of statistics, and it's so poorly edited, readers are exhausted after the first few paragraphs of back and forth, as the story jumps from one topic to another.

Editor Marty Gottlieb -- a veteran New York Timesman who traded Paris for Paramus -- must have hounded Stephanie Akin, the reporter who wrote this essay, to make numerous changes, including packing the piece with New York City history dating to 1957.

Reverse migration caused by Governor Christie's conservative policies on everything from mass transit to taxing the wealthy doesn't earn a mention.

Defensive lawyer

Readers who turn to Local find a story on courts banning smart-phone photos -- written by Staff Writer Kibret Markos, who covers the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack (L-1).

Markos, a lawyer, has yet to report on what is really cutting down access to the courts -- high legal fees.


You'll find one of the best stories in the paper at the bottom of L-1 -- a local obituary on Rose Fernandez of Wyckoff Florist & Gifts.

This is a real tear-jerker about a generous woman who didn't let family tragedies dampen her spirit

The "CONTACT US" box on BL-2 of the Better Living section no longer lists Susan Leigh Sherrill as food editor, so readers can assume she is history.

No tears are being shed over her departure.

Campaign follies

Victor E. Sasson, the independent candidate in the May 14 Hackensack City Council election, today was approached by a voter, who said, "I see you were caught in the act." 

The man apparently confused Sasson with Kenneth Martin, a retired Hackensack police detective who is charged with removing lawn signs put up by rivals in front of Hackensack Market on Passaic Street.

Martin heads the Coalition for Open Government slate, which is backed by the Zisa family political machine and Lynne Hurwitz, the boss of the city's Democratic Party.

The last I saw of the man he was going home to check the story in The Record on Martin's scheduled trial.  



  1. Bill Pitcher is rumored to b e coming back. More fresh meat for Victor!!

  2. Meat is the right word -- and plenty of it.

  3. His name is gone from the website of the newspaper he used to work for.

  4. So why do u think that means he is coming back to The Record?

  5. Nearly a year later, and no Pitcher. Instead, Esther Davidowitz, a former Record reporter, was named food editor. Unfortunately, she isn't much of an improvement over Susan Leigh Sherrill.


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