Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Befuddled white men suppress local news

Drivers waiting for an NJ Transit train to cross Passaic Street in Hackensack, near a Dunkin' Donuts favored by students who refuse to eat what passes for lunch at the high school.

Editor Marty Gottlieb conspires today with Columnists Mike Kelly and Charles Stile to continue beating to death the Mike Rice-Rutgers scandal on Page 1 of The Record -- the sixth day in a row of coverage for which few readers have the patience or stamina.

Another befuddled white man, Staff Writer Bill Ervolino, steals the rest of the front page for the obituary of Annette Funicello, whose death elicits even bigger "who cares" than Margaret Thatcher.

Gottlieb routinely snubs local obituaries for A-1, arguing they're not in keeping with his world view.

The former New York Times luminary likes to talk about his days as a cub reporter at The Record, but since he took over the newsroom in January 2012, he has simply been unable to find his suburban legs.

North Jersey idle

Gottlieb thrived as a journalist in the rarified air of Manhattan and Paris, but he appears to be choking on North Jersey fumes during his commute to Woodland Park.

You'd think he'd look around at fellow commuters stalled in traffic or packed aboard buses and trains, and the light would go off that this is a story worth reporting.

But many of his front pages are filled with dumb, dull or boring state, national and international news.

And story length has grown to approach or exceed The Times, as readers can see from the continuation pages today (A-6 and A-7).

Local yokels

What about local news under the always inspiring leadership of head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and her deputy, Dan Sforza?

There are two major stories from Englewood and Teaneck today (L-3), but nothing from Hackensack.

The forum for school board candidates in Englewood only reminds Hackensack voters that The Record didn't cover a similar forum in their city.

Belated correction

On A-2 today, Stykes and Sforza finally correct an error in Sunday's story about the 19-story Bergen Passaic Long-Term Acute Care Hospital rejected by the Hackensack zoning board.

What is left unsaid is that the story quoted two candidates from one of the slates in the May 14 City Council election, but ignored the views of six other candidates, including blogger Victor E. Sasson.

So far, The Record has given the lion's share of coverage to Councilman John Labrosse, the only incumbent seeking another term.

Hey, Anonymous

Eye on The Record has suspended the ability of readers to comment anonymously on posts and to attack Sasson.

Now, blog readers who want to comment will have to register. 

Readers are welcome to send comments in an e-mail directly to Sasson and ask that their identity be withheld.

The e-mail address appears at the top of this page.

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