Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stephen Borg finally comes clean

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A day after Publisher Stephen A. Borg was accused of blocking stories about his wealthy friends, one of those stories appeared in The Record. Is that merely a coincidence?

Now, readers surely are wondering why the story ended up at the bottom of Local, while an issue few people care about -- sports betting -- is on Page 1. Is that Borg's doing, too?

The story traces the relationship among public relations wizard Alan C. Marcus, Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan; Triple Five LLC, developer of the retail-entertainment mega project once called Xanadu; and the Borg family, owners of The Record and North Jersey Media Group.

Three paragraphs at the end of the story, on L-6, discuss the Marcus-Borg ties:

"He [Marcus] said he remains an informal adviser to many prominent people and companies, including The Record and its owners, the Borg family. 
"I may converse with the Borgs some weeks more than I do Kathe [the county executive]," he said.
"Alan and I talk often," said Borg, who didn't say what they discuss. "Usually, he's not telling me what a great job I am doing."

Actually, few people are telling Borg what a great job he's doing with the exception of his bitch of a big sister, Jennifer A. Borg, vice president and general counsel.

When Marcus says he talks with the "Borgs," is Chairman Malcolm A. "Mac" Borg included?

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  1. I thought the post was gonna be about him finally taking a bath.

  2. This story caught my eye. I have been regularly contributing "letters to the editor" in regards to the Woodland Park, NJ Mayoral election that have been regularly published in the Passaic Valley Today newspaper. I submitted my "final election" thoughts which defended my reputation that was being tarnished by the father of the winning candidate. I also made reference to the internet forum in the same letter where we were being threatened with lawsuits over our writings. Now, I cannot get an explanation as to why my final letter has not been printed other than "it contains liability issues" by the local staff. Know also, the father of the candidate is EXTREMELY powerful politically in Passaic County, the son (mayor-elect) has friends and contributes to The Record, the local editor is "Facebook friends" with the winning candidate and lives in the same town. Now I am left without an answer and without a proper defense of myself in what seems to be shady journalism. HELP!

  3. Well, apparently a phone conversation with Mr. Borg and subsequent e-mail showing my 'letter to the editor' has yielded no response. Unfortunately I am left to assume the WP Mayoral candidate and his Daddy have put sufficient pressure on the paper to NOT print my letter...sad state of affairs for journalism.

  4. Indeed.

    You could always post your comments on, but you'd have to use your Facebook identity.

  5. Unfortunately, they have removed my posts there as well. I do believe the media is truly dead in this country.

  6. You won't get any argument from me.

    I'm really ashamed I spent so many years working for newspapers.


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