Friday, November 11, 2011

Dated, obvious and irrelevant news

Loretta Weinberg at The College of New JerseyImage via Wikipedia
State Sen. Loretta Weinberg gives the finger to Governor Christie.

With 2011 close to being in the books, why is The Record leading the paper today with violent-crime statistics from 2010 and comparing them to 2009?

Why is a story on the cleanup from the Oct. 30 snowstorm taking up a good part of Page 1 when anyone who isn't housebound knows what kind of job their town is doing?

And would you look at that bizarre A-1 photo, showing a bare-chested jogger in shorts behind a car that doesn't seem to be "maneuvering around branches" in Englewood, despite the caption. 

More old ground

Interim Editor Doug Clancy is running the cleanup story out front just two days after an L-1 Road Warrior column covered much of the same ground and counted many of the same fallen branches.

Why are the editors reviewing town performance on picking up branches when they've never done the same for clearing snow after major storms that really endanger drivers?

If head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes is going to print outdated statistics, why not evaluate police chiefs on how well they control crime in their communities in return for salaries that often soar above $200,000 a year?

Readers get the bird

In affluent Bergen County, is a Thanksgiving dinner that costs less than $5 a person really of any concern to readers of the front page, even though it will cost "significantly more" this year (up 13%).

The story by Staff Writer Kara Yorio seems like one big promotion for the American Farm Bureau Federation, which apparently represents factory farms that churn out turkeys pumped up with antibiotics, growth hormones and animal byproducts. Yum. 

Thanks, but no thanks.

The only legitimate story on A-1 today is state Sen. Loretta Weinberg of Teaneck becoming the Democrats' majority leader and plans to hold Governor Christie's feet to the fire on jobs and the economy.

More old news

Readers searching for Hackensack news in Local will have to satisfy themselves with a four-day-old story about a 70-year-old man killed on Essex Street by a driver who said she was blinded by the sun.

On the Business page (L-8), Staff Writer John Brennan continues to sell out by pimping the ride of developer Triple Five, which has taken over the old Xanadu shopping and entertainment complex in the Meadowlands.

Slimy seafood

Has a restaurant ever sounded less appetizing than the nearly eight-year-old Nizi Sushi in Rutherford?

Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung's lukewarm, 2-star appraisal in Better Living leaves a big unanswered question: Why can't she find a new restaurant to tell her readers about?

The name sounds as awful as the "slimy scallops" she was served. What does Nizi mean? She never says.

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  1. Is that Mac's Mercedes dodging the tree in Englewood on A-1 today? Maybe Clancy got a brownie point for that.

  2. He had one of that vintage -- looks like early 1990s Panzer model -- but he's got a newer one now.

    And that would have to be his wife driving it or he's in drag.

  3. Now maybe the 70yr.old man killed on essex st. by a car has no importance to you... but that's my grandfather... and he was born and raised in Hackensack..with that being said Robert Carroll Sr. deserved to be in the paper.. how many days they chose to add his article on the paper...

  4. On the contrary, your grandfather and other senior citizens don't get enough attention in The Record, and I've been saying that for a long time.

    I was just pointing out how lazy the assignment desk is and how little Hackensack news appears in the paper.


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