Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Voters give Christie a good smack

Bergen County, New JerseyImage by dougtone via Flickr
Bergen County Democrats won the county Clerk's Office.

Tuesday's vote of confidence in the Democrats was a clear repudiation of Governor Christie's policies, but The Record did its best today to muddle the outcome with a status-quo headline and story on Page 1.

Dems maintain grip

Christie's pull fails to change balance in State House

Democratic control is meaningless as long as the GOP bully keeps his veto pen always at the ready -- to protect millionaires and his wealthy donors from higher taxes.

At least Staff Writer John Reitmeyer quotes Bergen County's Bob Gordon, who beat Christie-backed challengers.

"It's a win for everyone who wants Trenton to serve the needs of working families," Gordon said. It's "not a referendum on him personally, but a rejection of Christie's policies."

What did Christie have to say? Ha. He was unavailable to the media as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, the paper's apparent deadline.

Reporter's sure bet

The Woodland Park daily's campaign to pass the sports-betting proposal succeeded, meaning readers will be bored with story after story about a looming federal court battle by Staff Writer John Brennan, who sold out to business interests years ago (A-1).

It's hard to believe the talented photographers couldn't come up with anything better for Page 1 than a gee-whiz photo of a truck being righted in Paramus. 

Or is interim Editor Doug Clancy's flawed news judgment to blame?

Shame on coaches

Given all the sports stories former Editor Francis "Frank" Scandale ran on the front page -- often pushing more legitimate news inside -- why are the editors keeping accounts of the sex-abuse investigation at Penn State off of A-1?

In the past few weeks, head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes has used election coverage as a convenient excuse for how little municipal news has appeared in her pride and joy, the Local section, and today is no exception.

Same old, same old

Readers seeking help with their tough commutes can't turn to Road Warrior John Cichowski, who apparently drove around noting all the "leafy obstructions" remaining in "woodsy North Jersey enclaves" after the recent nor'easter (L-1).

Cichowski rarely leaves the office on stories or how else would you explain his skipping Englewood and Hackensack, the most populous community in Bergen County? What's next? His take on leaf collections?

Try clamming up

Consumer columnist Kevin DeMarrais compiles the paper's Marketbasket  Survey, but why is he writing about canned clam chowder today (L-12)?

The frugal reporter tried two low-cost brands, Progresso and Campbell's, but didn't step foot in Whole Foods Market, Costco Wholesale or Fairway Market. Still, he concludes, "You'll just have to go to Maine if you want real clam chowder."

In her weekly column today, Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill makes sure readers get their fill of artery clogging heavy cream and butter with a recipe for a French apple tart (F-1 and F-2).

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