Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Editors know crime is an easy sell

Michael JacksonCover of Michael Jackson
Lawyers for Michael Jackson's doctor
 used the classic blame-the-victim defense.

Where is the North Jersey news on Page 1? Where is the New Jersey news people need to know? What is Governor Christie doing, and why isn't that on A-1 instead of inside the paper?

Interim Editor Doug Clancy is just exploiting stereotypes about Paterson by devoting much of Page 1 today to the fatal shooting of an off-duty Newark cop outside a sleazy strip club.

To put this story in perspective, if the sleazy strip club was in Newark, the story certainly would have ended up inside.

Clancy also continues the paper's tradition of dumping on Paterson by burying on an obituary page (L-6) the story about the Great Falls becoming a national park. And why is there no photo with the story?

Wrong story

Why run the anticlimactic conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor on the front page, and why choose a sour-grapes story about obstacles facing the defense that should have appeared before the trial began?

And why is Clancy making a last-ditch effort to help pass today's sports-betting ballot proposal by wasting precious A-1 space on a story about Pennsylvania casinos?

Governor Christie has done little or nothing to improve the environment, and his latest refusal to fight for a federal cross-state air pollution rule is a hell of a lot more important than sports wagering (A-3).

Rich men quake

Are six break-ins in Tenafly really the biggest news for the front of Local --  even if Publisher Stephen A. Borg is worried the burglars are getting uncomfortably close to his $3.65 million Churchill Road mansion?

Another L-1 story -- "Poverty in Bergen alarming, study says" -- seems like A-1 news to me.

The Local patch on downtown Norwood just makes readers wonder why it's been years since they've seen stories about downtown Hackensack, Teaneck, Englewood and many other larger communities.

Another great job by head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes, who doesn't seem to know her ass from her elbow when it comes to giving stories their proper play.

More screw-ups

Jerry DeMarco of Cliffview Pilot.com noted a nor'easter damage story on L-8 and NorthJersey.com misspelled the last name of Lt. Dwane Razzetti of the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management.

On A-3 today, a story incorrectly reported a tanker truck was carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline. The state police said it carried 8,500 pounds of gasoline -- or about 1,300 gallons -- DeMarco said.

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  1. It's actually Dwane Razzetti. Maybe someone can get it right?

  2. News Web sites use "Dwayne" and the state Office of Emergency Managment has it both ways, "Dwayne" and "Dwane."

  3. Easiest to ask the man. Good guy, too.


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