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Editors ensure seniors stay invisible

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North Jersey is returning to normal a week after a bad nor'easter,
but The Record's editors grew tired of the story in just a few days.

The Record's lazy assignment desk didn't bother actually covering a conference of senior citizens on Friday in Paramus -- and missed an instant poll of the audience.

So, today's paper doesn't report that many of the participants feel they are "invisible" in their communities -- a reflection on the Woodland Park daily as much as it is on politicians and social-service agencies.

Not one of the 132 participants groused about Social Security payments, Medicare premiums and lousy lunches at senior centers or told nursing-home horror stories -- which is all you hear about in The Record's spotty coverage of the elderly.

In fact, they asked about inter-generational programs and housing, courses to improve their driving skills and a list of politicians based on how they stand on senior issues -- not party affiliation -- among other suggestions and demands.

And they said they stay in North Jersey because they are "familiar with the area" and love having all that Manhattan has to offer on their suburban doorstep.

Screw old people

Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes missed all of this -- just as she has ignored the concerns of the elderly for years. 

Interim Editor Doug Clancy leads the paper today with the resignation of former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine as head of something called MF Global Holdings Ltd. Presumably, "MF" doesn't stand for "mother fuckers."

Is there anything in this Page 1 story to suggest Corzine defrauded investors? 

A week after a brutal nor'easter knocked out power to 175,000 customers, Clancy continues to downplay the damage, relegating a couple's death to A-8, and bouncing Bergen County stories off of the front page again.

More election stories

Election coverage again dominates the Local news section, Sykes' pride and joy. Utilities report more than 20,000 customers still were without power on Friday.

However, Better Living hasn't let down readers. Today's cover story by Staff Writer Virginia Rohan lists essentials that should be restocked for the "next time we're left in the dark."

On Friday, the weekly Hackensack Chronicle, a sister publication of The Record, reported on its front page that a proposed 19-story hospital would be built "at the corner of Prospect and Summit avenues in Hackensack."

Those streets run parallel.

Blame the victim

Also on Friday, on the front of The Record's Local section, transportation reporter Karen Rouse provided all the grisly details surrounding the September 2010 death of Caesar Muloki, a 12-year-old Hackensack Middle School student killed by a train, but never names him.

Rouse is doing her best to help NJ Transit blame pedestrians who are killed by trains. In doing so, she takes the focus off the agency's responsibility to make tracks and crossings safer.

Her job as a journalist -- the one her assignment editor won't ask her to do -- is to go into the Hackensack neighborhood where the boy was killed and interview residents who believe the safety of block after block of unfenced track can be improved so another student won't be killed.

That's especially important in Hackensack, where many students walk to and from school, because the city doesn't provide busing.

Meat obsession

On Wednesday, Staff Writer Bill Ervolino celebrated ethnic butchers, but never told readers whether the sausage, meatballs, pork chops and liverwurst he buys were raised with antibiotics, growth hormones and other harmful additives or preserved with nitrites (F-3).

He also goofed when he identified Ray Venezia as a butcher who "oversees the meat departments of North Jersey's Fairway stores."

New York-based Fairway Market has only one store in North Jersey, and it's in Paramus.

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  1. Let me get this straight: Arguably the two biggest Bergen crime stories of the weekend, and they don't have either?​bergen/2982-exclusive-bergen-f​ugitive-paul-kramer-caught-aft​er-cutting-off-monitoring-brac​elet​bergen/2984-new-milford-police​-arrest-man-they-say-posed-as-officer-robbed-teens

    Personalities aside, seriously. I'm not lording it. Just want to know: How does that happen, exactly? There was a time you missed something, you heard about it ... and heard about it.

    Then came Frick and Frank.

    And you know what happened after that....


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