Monday, November 7, 2011

Older people make front-page news

A picture of Mayor Carl BergmansonImage via Wikipedia
Carl Bergmanson when he was mayor of Glen Ridge.
In a letter to the editor today, he reports on an aspect

 of the nor'easter The Record and other media missed.

The two stories about older people on Page 1 of  The Record today are a rare occurrence, but it's unclear why they're out front.

This is a Monday edition devoid of breaking North Jersey news on A-1. The single assignment editor and the handful of reporters on the weekend staff really don't accomplish much.

Are the two stories about older people and the major element on the page -- about special-education students -- all the editors had for the front today?

Putting aside the canned census-data story on the wealth gap between younger and older Americans, from The Associated Press, the other stories could have just as well appeared on the front of Local.

And even with the census story, why was no attempt made to localize it and quote North Jersey voices?

Missing the story

An editorial urges readers to vote down a ballot proposal for sports betting at casinos and racetracks (A-11).

That just makes many people wonder why Francis Scandale, the former editor, ran so many stories on Page 1 and elsewhere by Staff Writer John Brennan, who seemed to have a personal stake in promoting sports wagering.

A letter to the editor about the nor'easter that knocked out power for 175,000 in North Jersey reports PSE&G and other utilities severely reduced tree trimming and line maintenance, leading to even more damage (A-11) -- something head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes missed completely.

"Tree damage and power outages due to inadequate tree trimming and lack of maintenance are not 'acts of God'; they are acts of greedy corporations and complicit regulators," says Carl Bergmanson of Glen Ridge.

You know you won't find much municipal news in Sykes' Local section when record keeping in Englewood Cliffs leads the section (L-1).

Elitist's column

Columnist Mike Kelly apparently has checked out of the hotel suite -- with two flat-screen TVs and a Manhattan view -- where he weathered the loss of power at his Teaneck home last week, and presumably, he's removed his head from his asshole, as well (L-1).

The Local section is devoid of Hackensack, Englewood and Teaneck news, but don't miss the story about an injured wild turkey in tiny Washington Township at the bottom of L-6.

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