Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Out of touch with many readers

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The Record today left me unsettled. I was more interested in some of the smaller stories than in the package of feel-good Veterans Day pieces I found in two of the sections. I immediately felt uncomfortable seeing the big photo on Page 1 of a marine who has been paralyzed from the chest down since 2004 after being shot by a sniper in Iraq.

On Page A-6, a short story about loans to install solar panels reminded me of my experience -- it took two years to apply for a state rebate and have panels installed on my Hackensack home. I asked two Record reporters to look into the reasons for the delay, which I was told is typical in North Jersey, but was ignored.

In the Local section, there are stories about re-dedication of a Holocaust Center at Teaneck High School and two stories from Englewood -- the promotion of a veteran cop and  two elderly brothers who fought in World War II. Hackensack? Again, no news from the city where The Record was founded in 1895 and which was its home for more than 110 years.

Let me bring you up to date. The last two stories about Hackensack ran Oct. 13 and Oct. 3 (not counting any police or fire briefs).

In Business, a column on B-2 starts with the words, "Bankers are crooks!" That's refreshing. Your Money's Worth Columnist Kevin DeMarrais knows that what happens to him often makes good copy -- a lesson some of the younger reporters should take to heart.
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  1. Did you actually say something NICE about the paper? Congrats are in order, sir.

    Please, if you get nothing from me, understand that the operate a private enterprise and not a public trust. To say "just selling newspapers" is like saying "just selling cars."

    The last thing I did on NJMG property in Hackensack was throw a snowball at "The Record" sign.

    Nothing broke -- except my resentment. I hope someday you feel the same freedom.

    For your other readers, don't forget to check out "Eye on Victor," at my "Borough 6" blog. And read for all the news on Hackensack, Teaneck & elsewhere....

    I'm praying for you, Victor. Let it go, dude.

  2. Let's hear some of those lulus, Jerry. Your first salvo was a doozie, so don't let us down.


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