Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Al Frech mystery

The Record of Woodland Park gave a big  chunk of  the editorial page Nov. 25 to an attack on both health-care reform and Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. from Al Frech, saying only that he "lives in Wayne." Virtually all other opinion writers have been identified by the newspaper.

In 1999, Dr. Al Frech was identified on the Web site of  Ramapo College of New Jersey as director of its Center for Health and Counseling Services. He apparently is a psychologist with a PhD, not a medical doctor.

Does that qualify Frech to write about health-care reform? Is anything he says close to being accurate or is he another critic who distorts what the reform bill will and will not do for his own purposes?

Why didn't The Record identify him or respond to inquiries from readers? Is this another example of sloppy journalism, like Thursday's front-page listing of stores open on Thanksgiving that failed to note exceptions in Paramus?
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