Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Relying on The Star-Ledger

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The Record today is filled with election news, as you would expect, but short on municipal news and food coverage, as you also have come to expect.

The lead story on the front page is written by staffers from The Star-Ledger, which has entered into an agreement with the former Hackensack daily to share stories.

What the election didn't change is a system that allows only the wealthy to run for statewide office. You didn't see The Record or other media criticizing that system or calling for it to be dismantled. Such a system suits the wealthy owners of the powerful North Jersey Media Group, which publishes The Record, Herald News and many weeklies.

There is some food coverage on Page F-2 of Better Living. Can't you just taste the preservatives in the cold cuts sold by a Garfield deli or the mercury in the tuna featured in the cartoonish "Cheap Thrills Cuisine" recipe?  Yummy. On F-4, a piece from the Chicago Tribune on "taking control of your health" is silent on the benefits of naturally raised poultry, meats and produce.

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