Friday, November 13, 2009

Critique of The Record of Woodland Park

My daily commentary on news coverage in The Record -- or lack of it -- has become monotonous both for me and some of my readers. I'll continue to read the paper as carefully as ever, but will report on its many flaws only every few days or so.

To those critics who say I do not praise the staff for what they do well, I say real journalists shouldn't  need anyone to tell them they are doing a good job.  

The editors and reporters know whether they are doing a good job or a lousy job. They know whether they are covering their towns or just covering their asses. They know whether they are challenging the large number of petty officials in the 90 or so towns The Record once covered or merely defending the status quo.

If they want to submit their work to journalism contests and bask in the adulation of fellow journalists, good for them. But don't ask readers for praise, even if some of those readers are former colleagues.

See earlier post, "Jerry DeMarco breaks his silence."

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  1. Hey, Victor:

    You attack the paper for violating the time-held standards of journalism, yet you trample on two of the most important: Fairness and balance.

    Sorry, bud. I'd really held out hope that your soul could be salvaged, that you could look at things humanely rather than ranting like a drunk clutching his leg in an alleyway.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's tried to help keep you from being sued, which would make your situation ever worse. But you don't seem to care.

    You think I wrote what I did to try and get even with anyone? Was just trying to provide you some cover.

    What's next? Standing on Squirrelwood Road, yelling at passing journalists?

    You're on your own now, bud. Just do me a big favor and leave me out of it.


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