Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump called 'the most dangerous nominee in our lifetime'

GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump doing a good imitation of a demagogue.


The Bridgegate trial jurors presumably are deliberating in secret again, and the distraction of the World Series is past, so in five days voters will decide the fate of our nation.

The Record and other news media should be ashamed of themselves for devoting so much time to the hysteria of GOP racist Donald J. Trump, and for printing AP trash like the story on Page 1 today:

"Some Republican lawmakers ... are threatening to block [Hillary Clinton's] Supreme Court nominees, investigate her endlessly or even impeach her."

Over at The New York Times, OP-ED Columnist David Leonhardt calls Trump "the most dangerous nominee in our lifetime."

Recalling 1964 GOP White House hopeful Barry Goldwater, who "mused about using nuclear weapons in the Cold War," Leonhardt said:

"For Republicans today, Trump is scarier than Goldwater.... He is racist and sexist -- having refused to rent apartments to African-Americans, retweeted neo-Nazis, besmirched Muslims and Latinos and boastfully molested women.

"For years, Republicans have been frustrated by liberal sensitivity on race and gender. Comes now Trump, spewing bigotry."

And anti-women rhetoric against Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, who is leading in the all-important state polls. 

Local news?

For another comprehensive Law & Order report, turn to The Record's Local section today.

Murder and mayhem are mixed liberally with election news from the 5th Congressional District, where The Record has endorsed Democrat Josh Gottheimer over Tea Party radical Rep. Scott Garrett, R-Wantage (A-10).

Staff Writer John Seasly continues his one-dimensional coverage of Hackenack (L-2).

Today, he reports City Attorney Alexander H. Carver III will "reluctantly" resign when the City Council picks his replacement, set for Dec. 1 (L-2).

Seasly hasn't covered a single Hackensack Board of Education meeting, even though school taxes represent 44% of residents' bills (another quarterly property tax bill is due on Nov. 10).

He hasn't reported the board is asking residents "to take an active role" in the selection of a new superintendent of schools or that a forum is scheduled for Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the high school.

And he hasn't bothered to report that more than 3 months ago, city officials halted work on a 14-story residential-retail project, the biggest so far in the renewal of downtown Hackensack.

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