Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Revised website is a royal F.U. to readers of print edition; Trump's call for unity clashes with naming of supremacist

The cover of the New York Post on Monday carries a reassuring message from President-elect Donald J. Trump, who appeared on "60 Minutes," but also reports he has appointed a promoter of white nationalism as chief strategist.


The payroll-slashing Gannett Co. today delivered a revised NorthJersey.com website aimed at younger readers, but didn't touch the crappy print edition.

"The changes are robust and designed to serve readers, advertisers and regional communities," says a message from Rick Green, editor of The Record (L-1).

Green is promoting "a cleaner design that enhances the user experience" -- changes that sail over the head of The Record's older readers, many of whom don't use smartphones, tablets or computers.

Today's paper

Today's front page delivers a mix of human interest, New Jersey and North Jersey news, looking much like Page 1 did before the Bridgegate trial and the shocking upset in the presidential election a week ago.

As further testament to the awful job Governor Christie is doing, a top Wall Street credit-rating agency downgraded New Jersey once again -- that's a record 10 downgrades in response to the GOP thug's fiscal mismanagement and the state's pension woes (A-1).

President Obama held a news conference and commented on the presidential election:

The results are "a reminder that elections matter and voting counts," the president said, adding:

"I don't know how many times we have to relearn this lesson, because we ended up having 43% of the country not voting who were eligible to vote."

His remarks on voter apathy don't appear in The Associated Press story on A-1 today..

President-elect Donald J. Trump's week-long effort to unify the country was shown to be just more B.S. with the appointment of Steven K. Bannon as "chief strategist" (A-12).

Bannon is identified as "an enthusiastic promoter of white nationalism."

Local news?

Although Gannett is promising more local and breaking news on the website, the print edition continues to limp along with a single section devoted to news from Bergen and Passaic counties and beyond.

The paper delivered to my home in Hackensack today has only four pages devoted to local news, and stories or briefs from Paterson appear on all but one of them (L-1, L-3 and L-6).

On the Local front, a photo of a smoky fire that injured no one appears next to the editor's column about "enhancements to our website" (L-1).

This type of filler photo has been favored by layout editors who face huge holes in their local-news pages as deadline approaches.


  1. Victor, don't you realize how foolish this site makes you look? You have been gone from The Record for quite a long while. Your steady stream of vindictive bullshit makes you look like a bitter old man. Isn't there something productive you can do with your life?

    1. OK, thanks for reading and for your idiotic comment.


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