Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gannett's 'great new look' for print edition means a lot more white space, far fewer stories and much less news -- period

Today's New York Post cover  reports that after Ivanka Trump appeared on Sunday's "60 Minutes" with her father the president-elect, her jewelry company sent out an email blast to fashion reporters about her $10,800 bracelet.


The payroll-slashing Gannett Co. today springs a surprise makeover of The Record's print edition on readers who were already wondering where all the local news went.

Page 1 carries only three stories -- compared to eight stories and briefs on Tuesday's A-1 -- and a cleverly worded Gannett  promotion to mask how the changes will reduce content even further:

"More great news, great new look."

Local or Section L carries only a handful of local-news stories -- if you don't count 2.5 pages of death notices -- and those stories are outnumbered by wire-service and staff stories in an expanded Business section.

In addition to employing a great deal of white space and larger photos, Gannett even revised page numbers: A-1 becomes 1A, L-1 is 1L and so forth. 

Under The Record masthead on Page 1, Gannett has replaced the Borg family's boastful but inaccurate motto -- "North Jersey's Trusted Source" -- with the address of the North website.

Staff slashed

The editorial changes coincide with Gannett cutting in half the remaining 426 positions at North Jersey Media Group.

That resulted in a great many retirements among employees in their 60s who received only one week of severance pay for each year of service.

And production of The Record was moved from Woodland Park to a Neptune design center, where six other Gannett New Jersey dailies are put out in the headquarters of the Asbury Park Press.

NJMG publishes The Record, Herald News, (201) magazine, a reduced number of weekly papers and North, which was revised on Tuesday.

Those reporting and editing staffs have been consolidated in Woodland Park.

In July, Gannett, the nation's largest newspaper publisher, purchased The Record and other NJMG assets from the Borg family for a reported $40 million.


  1. Eegads! You've got to be kidding!

    Say it ain't so Joe!

    The Record print version just went down the toilet!

    I understand that caged birds are refusing to allow the bastardized print version of The Record from being used to line the bottom of their cages.

    Any good news on the status of the Road Warrior?

    Is it true that they have put locks on all of the windows at the headquarters for The Record so that no one else can jump out of the windows?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not sure if the demented, error-prone Road Warrior has hit the road or parked himself under the editor's desk.


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