Sunday, November 6, 2016

Every 4 years, nation's news media whip voters into a frenzy

From cartoonist Bill Day.


The Record continues to ignore the issues at stake in Tuesday's election, joining other news media in declaring a horse race between GOP wacko Donald J. Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

Today's trite Page 1 headline over photos of the nominees declares:

"Fighting to the finish"

So, what will Monday's A-1 headline say?

"Still fighting to the finish"

On Friday night, satirist Bill Maher warned the election of Trump would set into motion a right-wing coup with Chris Christie as attorney general and Rudy Giuliani in charge of the FBI.

For a frightening glimpse of a Dictator Trump's first 100 days in office, see The Washington Post's Dana Milbank, whose column is buried on O-4 in The Record's Opinion section:
"Among things you can expect:
"A trade war with China and Mexico, a restarting of Iran's nuclear program, millions losing their health insurance, the start of mass deportations, a possible military standoff with China in the South China Sea and North Korea, resumption of waterboarding, the use of federal agencies to go after Hillary Clinton and other Trump critics, the spectacle of the commander in chief suing women who have accused him of sexual misconduct ....
"Oh, and the Federal Reserve would be audited and guns would once again be allowed in schools."

Bridgegate verdict

Incredibly repetitious coverage of the Bridgegate scandal continues unabated two days after a federal jury found Governor Christie's former aides, Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, guilty of conspiracy and related charges (A-1, A-11, L-1, O-1 and O-2).

The Page 1 story tries hard to keep readers interested in the possibility the verdicts in the 2013 George Washington Bridge lane closures won't stand:

eager to

But anyone who bothers to turn to the continuation page learns appeals aren't filed until after Kelly and Baroni are sentenced, which is set for Feb. 21.

In fact, one expert is quoted as saying "an appeal could be filed by April" (A-11).

So much for "eager" defense attorneys.

Dogs enjoyed the crisp fall air by putting their heads out of the windows of this van, which I spotted in Teaneck on Friday.

Local news?

The Gannett-owned daily is just getting around to printing the names of candidates in local and county elections, but in the majority of contests, reporters and editors never actually covered the campaigns or informed voters about the issues (L-2 and L-3).

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