Monday, November 7, 2016

Now is the time to defeat Trump, impeach lapdog Christie

From cartoonist Jeff Darcy of, the website of The Plain Dealer, above and below.


For commentary on the national nightmare of a possible victory by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, readers of The Record have to look elsewhere.

Today, for example, Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin exposes campaign fliers depicting 5th Congressional District challenger Josh Gottheimer, who is Jewish, as a devil with horns (A-9).

He blasts Sarah Neibart, campaign manager for Rep. Scott Garrett, R-Wantage, for suggesting the Gottheimer campaign is behind "a political ploy manufactured by them to fabricate a hate crime."

"This is ... exactly what the Nazis would say. Blame the victim for orchestrating his own victimization," Doblin writes.

But I don't recall Doblin condemning Trump for encouraging his supporters to launch attacks against Jewish reporters, nor has he demanded the resignation or impeachment of Governor Christie for lying and covering up his role in the Bridgegate scandal.

After Christie dropped out of the presidential race in February and endorsed Trump's radical GOP White House campaign, The Star-Ledger and six Gannett-owned dailies called on him to resign.

The Woodland Park daily still hasn't followed suit after all of the testimony at the Bridgegate trial that Christie knew about the George Washington Bridge lane closures as they were happening in September 2013.

Clinton emails

The Record continues to channel Republican attacks against Democrat Hillary Clinton and her emails as secretary of state.

Today's Page 1 headline declares the FBI "provides Clinton with last-minute relief," and what follows is yet another sensational report from The Associated Press, which has legitimized every lie from wacko racist Trump in the past two years.

'Rigged' election

Over at The New York Times, Columnist Paul Krugman writes about how the presidential election was "rigged."

Krugman includes voter suppression in southern states, Russian hacking of Clinton's emails; FBI Director James Comey, "who used his position to spread innuendo and influence the election;" and pro-Trump FBI agents, who have been spreading "claims and allegations that may not have anything to do with reality."

"The election was rigged by mainstream news organizations, many of which simply refused to report on policy issues, a refusal that clearly favored the candidate who lies all the time, and has no coherent proposals to offer," Krugman says.
"In 2016, all three [nightly news broadcasts] combined devoted a total of 32 minutes to coverage of issues -- all issues. Climate change, the most important issue we face, received no coverage at all.
"The election was rigged by the media obsession with Hillary Clinton's emails. She shouldn't have used her own server, but there is no evidence at all that she did anything unethical, let along illegal.
"Yet those networks that found only 32 minutes for all policy issues combined found 100 minutes to talk about Clinton emails."

40-day volunteer

Good for Nyree Miscia, a photogenic mother of four who volunteered for 40 days before her 40th birthday and got nearly the entire Better Living cover devoted to her today.

Excuse me for mentioning that thousands of volunteers have given their time for many more months, years and decades, and have never seen their names or photos in The Record.

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