Monday, February 11, 2013

Why gyms and bars don't mix

A disoriented driver did an awful job this morning of parking the Mercedes-Benz SUV, above right, at 24 Hour Fitness in Paramus, and may have hit the black Acura sedan.

If it wasn't 8:45 in the morning, I would have guessed the driver of a Mercedes-Benz SUV had one too many at Miller's N.J. Ale House, which is next to 24 Hour Fitness in Paramus.

I noticed the sloppy parking job as I walked to my car in the gym parking lot, which is off Route 4 east.

I couldn't tell whether the Mercedes ML 350 had hit the black Acura sedan.

The owners of Bergen Town Center send a poor message to gym customers by putting the bar-restaurant next to 24 Hour Fitness, especially in view of its menu of unhealthy food.

Miller's Ale House offers valet parking, and often in the morning, I see parking-lot stanchions blocking what appears to be a fire exit from the cavernous gym, a former tenplex movie theater.


  1. I don't know, Victor, I think you got this one backwards. My supposition is that the driver of the Mercedes, not wanting anyone to damage his SUV, did his or her best to take up two parking spaces without actually crossing the line, and the driver of the black car, in a hissyfit, said to his or her self, "I'll show you, you upscale piece of s---," and parked as close to the Mercedes as possible. Am I right or am I right?

  2. I didn't notice that, but that's the whole idea. People with expensive vehicles often take up two spaces so that another car can't come close.

  3. True. But it looks like the Acura was there first. A cynic would point out the gym has many Asian members, male and female.

  4. What does the record have to do with this?

  5. Well, The Record did review the ale house without mentioning it was next to a gym. If I'm taking up too much of your time, try another blog.


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