Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christie is in denial on the big issues

A luxury complex between two shopping centers in Hackensack will start renting some of its 226 studio to three-bedroom apartments in May. The Avalon development is opposite Continental Plaza, below, once talked about as a new home for The Record after the Borg family abandoned their landmark headquarters at 150 River St. in 2009.

Global warming. Reducing gun violence. Taxing millionaires. Expanding mass transit. The obesity epidemic.

How can Governor Christie be so out of step with other leaders on some of the biggest issues facing New Jersey and the nation, and still remain popular with the editors of The Record?

The lead Page 1 story today reports the GOP bully calls "esoteric" whether climate change caused Superstorm Sandy.

But The Record ignores what the governor said at a press conference about his weight, even though it was reported on the TV news last night. 

Christie brushed off a suggestion he should trim down or have bariatric surgery, saying he is 50 and healthy.

No member of the media dared remind him of his hospitalization two summers ago after an asthma attack linked to his tremendous weight, estimated to be 400 pounds and rising.

When he appeared on the David Letterman show on Monday, he seemed uncomfortable sitting down in a chair and pulled out a doughnut to eat. 

The Record reported the Court Street Bridge, shown on Tuesday, is scheduled to re-open at "mid-week" after Sandy related repairs. This alternate access to highways is expected to make the Borgs' 20 acres on River Street more attractive to retailers.

Columnist Mike Kelly is back on A-1 today, complete with a dated photo showing his shit-eating grin. Compare that photo with the one used on North

Did anybody but the family read Kelly's long-winded, meandering story about a Purple Heart that was awarded on Tuesday, more than 67 years after the death of  sailor from Paterson?  

A correction on A-2 today fixes the misspelling of the name of a Hackensack City Council candidate. 

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