Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another farce from the Road Warrior

The U.S. Post Office in Hackensack was closed on Monday for Presidents Day. When it is open, residents fight over four State Street parking spaces or the rare empty space around the corner.

Editor's note: The Record's so-called commuting reporter, Road Warrior John Cichowski, had a second column on Friday about pedestrian access to the train station in Teterboro, but like his first piece on the subject, it was filled with problems -- and missing important information -- as a concerned readers points out in the following e-mail to management.

"Commuters were not happy with the Road Warrior's mistaken reporting in his Jan. 20 column, and they are not happy with his fuzzy dreams in his Feb. 22 column about needed pedestrian access to the Teterboro rail station from Hasbrouck Heights.

"The Road Warrior should not need a PhD in journalism to report relevant and accurate information about this simple topic, which has been addressed more accurately and better by regular commuters and by a reporter at the small-town Hasbrouck Heights Patch.

"Road Warrior provides a lot of confusing and misleading information prior to letting people know about a Hasbrouck Heights town hall meeting with an NJ Transit representative next Tuesday, but forgets to report the special time for the meeting, which the online Hasbrouck Heights Patch managed to do."

For the full text of the e-mail, click on this link to the Facebook Page for Road Warrior Bloopers:

Road Warrior rides readers out on rail 

Today's paper

Governor Christie will be attending the National Governors Association's White House Dinner on Sunday, but you can bet he won't be eating humble pie for the way he has mismanaged the state's economy since he took office in 2010 (A-3).

Only one of three letters to the editor today highlights the irresponsible damage to the environment every time Staff Writer Jay Levin drives his 1981 or 1991 clunker, not to mention how potentially unsafe they are to the frugal journalist and his family (A-11).

What some people do to save money just astounds me.

Today's Local section from head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and her deputy, Dan Sforza, has only three "news" pages, but they are filled with 10 Law & Order or related stories and nothing from Hackensack (L-1, L-2 and L-3).

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