Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disoriented driver damages other car

The driver of this Mercedes-Benz SUV, right, damaged a black sedan on Monday morning, according to employees of 24 Hour Fitness, where the accident occurred.

The owner of a black Acura sedan complained that his car was dented on Monday morning when the driver of a Mercedes-Benz SUV backed crookedly into the adjacent space at 24 Hour Fitness in Paramus.

This morning, gym employees said the two male vehicle owners spoke, and the Mercedes-Benz driver identified himself as a body shop owner who would gladly repair the damage.

My advice to the Acura driver is to call his insurance company, get its recommendation on a body shop and ignore the other driver's offer.

Gym employees said police responded, and made out an accident report.

See post, "Why gyms and bars don't mix."

On Feb. 28, I saw the same two vehicles in the gym parking lot. The damage to the sedan is shown above. The rear bumper of the SUV is shown below.

On Feb. 28, I saw the same two vehicles, and the driver of the Mercedes SUV had backed his vehicle into a parking space, as he did when he damaged the sedan.

He appeared to be a middle-aged Asian man.


  1. Indeed. My version of the gee-whiz rollover photos that are used as filler in Local, the Record's comprehensive muni news section.

  2. It's more like denting news than breaking news.

    Is this picture what they mean when they say the facts are black and white or is this picture suppose to inspire us like Michael Jackson's song, Black or White??

    It certainly was humorous news/picture for those who wonder how any driver could be so careless and walk away and not realize their car had caused damage to another car.

  3. I have posted photos of the damage that I took on Feb. 28.


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