Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Pay to play' is Christie's middle name

Englewood's Palisade Avenue on Oct. 30, a day after Superstorm Sandy.

More than $150,000 in political contributions from five businesses hired by the Christie administration after Superstorm Sandy smell worse than one of the morbidly obese governor's bowel movements.

The Record's story leads the front page today, but the graphic on A-6 lists six companies, not the five mentioned in the text.

Lawyers and fees

The report says nothing about other questionable moves involving money, such as the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees New Jersey paid to a politically connected law firm in Washington after Governor Christie pulled the plug on the Hudson River rail tunnels in 2010.

Or the hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees the then-U.S. attorney steered to former U.S. District Judge Herbert Stern and former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.  

Middle-class rally

Page 1 today is dominated by President Obama's call to action.

His State of the Union address urged a divided Congress to enact programs to boost the middle class -- exactly the opposite of Christie's war against the middle and working classes in the Garden State.

Obama proposed raising the minimum wage to $9 by 2015, but Christie has already vetoed a higher minimum wage in New Jersey, beholden as he is to all the wealthy business owners who support him.

Dramatic crash photo

On the Local front today, head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes runs a dramatic photo taken not long after an elderly woman crashed her car into a telephone pole in Glen Rock (L-1).

The photo, by Tariq Zehawi, is in contrast to the hundreds of ho-hum accident photos Sykes uses as filler to cover up the lack of local news.

Sex in cars

Road Warrior John Cichowski plays cupid to readers who recall all of the heavy petting and more they did while parked in lover's lanes (L-1).

His ode to cars -- and disdain of mass transit -- obscures the automobile's drastic impact on the environment, especially the air pollution that has killed so many hundreds of thousands.

Arrow in the heart

In Better Living, for the second week in a row, Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill runs the beloved recipe of a woman whose husband developed a heart condition.

Is there a connection between Jeanette Friedman's artery clogging kugel with a kick recipe and hubby Philip Sieradski's health? Oy vey!

Appropriately, the overlong story was written by Staff Writer Elisa Ung, who never shrank from sampling three or four artery clogging desserts for  every restaurant review she wrote.

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