Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Try another newspaper

Teaneck Municipal BuildingImage via Wikipedia

If you live in Hackensack, Teaneck or one of the other important Bergen County towns, you won't find any local news in The Record of Woodland Park today. Maybe you should start subscribing to a weekly.

Much of Page 1 is devoted to a "plume of contamination" in far off Pompton Lakes, the second day in a row the story has been on the front page.

In the Local section, police, fire, weather and Haitian relief news is all you'll see from a handful of towns. For yet another day, Hackensack residents lose out. Development news? Education news? Municipal news? Environmental news? Nada, zero, zilch.

You have Frank Scandale, Deirdre "Laughs A Lot" Sykes, Dan Sforza and all the other lazy, incompetent editors to thank for that.
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  1. I loved the local news this past weekend. The never ending saga about the Englewood Rabbi who wanted to sue the Libyan Government for cutting down trees at the end of his property. I did a search on the Record's website and have found at least 8 stories about this Libyan estate. What is the Record's infatuation with this Rabbi?

  2. This is the kind of story Record reporters love. Talk to one person, take a photo and you are through. The rabbi is publicity hungry and exploits lazy journalists. Writing about downtown traffic congestion in Englewood, segregated schools, the open-air police firing range -- that would take legwork, lots of interviews, lots of knocking on doors. Why bother, the editor and reporter say.


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