Monday, February 29, 2016

Surely, Chris Rock also didn't want to miss a huge payday

The Whitehall, left, built in 1960 on Prospect Avenue in Hackensack, was the first of the city's many high-rises.


Google, The Record and other news media are failing us today in not reporting just how much comedian Chris Rock stood to lose, if he joined other black celebrities in a boycott of the Oscars.

Rock was heaped with praise for his hilarious performance on Sunday night, and The Record's Virginia Rohan even blurted out on Page 1:

"Man, how could I have forgotten just how good Rock can be?"

The comedian noted, "I thought about quitting ... but I realized, they gonna have the Oscars anyway" (A-6).

So, I was waiting for Rock to admit the hundreds of thousands of dollars he likely received was another factor in his decision to host the 88th Academy Awards.

But he only blasted the $20 million paid to one of the boycotting celebrities, Will Smith, for his role in "Wild, Wild West."

Rock, who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Alpine, is seen often at The Gym in Englewood.

Media on 'Spotlight'

On the Better Living front today, The Associated Press reporter at the Academy Awards called "Spotlight" -- winner of Best Picture -- "an underdog win for a movie about an underdog profession." 

I don't know about "an underdog win," but newspapers are far from an "underdog profession," give all of the arrogant editors and weakling reporters and columnists at newspapers big and small, including The Record of Woodland Park.

You only have to look at the paper's equivocal reaction to Governor Christie's endorsement of racist Donald Trump, and the GOP bully's return to the campaign trail, to realize The Record holds itself far above readers and voters.

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