Thursday, February 18, 2016

Budget 'analysis' is as informative as spread on bagels

Last Saturday morning, one of Manhattan's voracious tow trucks had hooked another vehicle and was on the way to the pound on West Street.


I made the mistake of plowing through another so-called analysis on The Record's front page, but didn't learn anything more about Governor Christie's budget plan than I did from Wednesday's news reports.

The story doesn't deliver on the promise of the A-1 headline: "Christie budget speaks volumes." 

There are references to a budget that "doesn't raise taxes" (A-6), but the reporters don't explain it's a tax surcharge on his millionaire supporters Christie has been desperate to avoid.

The rest of Page 1 doesn't hold much interest for the majority of readers, especially all that space wasted on girls basketball injuries.

Local news?

Two stories about Hackensack appear in the paper today.

The Local section finally catches up to the state designating the city as a Transit Village (L-3), as the head of a business group announced in a letter to the editor on Monday.

And the Better Living cover carries a column on the man behind Gamewell Street in Hackensack (BL-1).

Food news?

Meanwhile, the food editors still get queasy at the notion they should be telling readers about all of the meat and poultry raised on harmful antibiotics and growth hormones.

Such exposes might jeopardize advertising from restaurants.

So, today's food feature focuses on hand-rolled bagels. 

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