Saturday, February 27, 2016

A front page full of big losers: Christie, Trump, Tung, Stile

On Friday, a Superior Court judge in Hackensack imposed a life sentence on a Manhattan man who murdered Robert Cantor, 59, of Teaneck on March 6, 2011, for having an affair with his estranged wife.


How is the backing of the worst New Jersey governor ever supposed to help Donald Trump in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination?

You won't find the answer on The Record's front page, which is devoted today to Trump, Governor Christie and other big losers (A-1).

Christie and Trump have a few things in common, including hate speech -- the governor against Syrian refugees and the billionaire against Mexicans.

Political satirist Bill Maher said a photo of Trump and Christie in Texas looked like a presidential ticket.

"I'm sure Hillary Clinton ... was thinking, 'I'm sure I can make America hate me slightly less than these assholes.'"

The front page of the Daily News. The Record's bland front page labeled the endorsement of Donald Trump as "Christie's new cause," and reported the GOP bully is back on the campaign trail.

Sui Kam Tung

No one except Editor Deirdre Sykes and Staff Writer Allison Pries is surprised at the life sentence imposed on another loser, love-triangle murderer Sui Kam Tung, who shot Robert Cantor, 59, of Teaneck and then set his body on fire in March 2011.

Today's Page 1 story makes no reference to Pries' trashy jailhouse interview, splashed across A-1 on Friday, repeating Tung's hollow claims of innocence, all of which the jury heard before finding him guilty in December.

Tung, 52, who has been jailed for four years, will remain in custody during his defense attorney's futile appeal of the conviction and 68-year sentence.

Charles Stile

The Record's chief political columnist, Charles Stile, makes another desperate stab at describing Christie, a chameleon and dirty trickster who enforced his conservative agenda by executing more than 500 vetoes in the last six years.

How can that loser Stile possibly describe Christie as a former moderate?

Municipal aid

Taxpayers in Hackensack and the state's 566 other municipalities get some bad news today -- Christie's proposed voodoo budget keeps state aid flat for the sixth year in a row (L-1). 

Eight reporters worked on the story, but none answer the question posed by Patricia Murphy on North

"How has Christie's non-stop record tax cuts, in the billions, for businesses affected the state aid for municipalities?"

The Oscars

Hollywood continues to fail us with films like "The Revenant," "Brooklyn" and "The Big Short" (BL-1).

Historical movies are just fluff, often made to impress other directors.

Sadly, the film industry continues to ignore how the Koch brothers' billions are poisoning elections, the insane political partisanship in Washington, the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, and all the other madness celebrated by the news media.

Second looks

North Bergen became the eighth town in the state to sue a tax-exempt hospital since Christie vetoed legislation last month that would have preserved their non-profit status, according to Thursday's front page.

But Staff Writer Lindy Washburn didn't bother asking officials in Hackensack, Teaneck, Englewood and Ridgewood why they aren't taking legal action against non-profit hospitals in their towns.

A story that led the Local front on Wednesday dramatizes the ridiculous salaries paid to the nearly 70 police chiefs in Bergen County.

Palisades Park Police Chief Ben Ramos receives $174,557 a year -- just under Christie's $175,000 salary.

In July 2010, Christie placed a cap ranging from $125,000 to $175,000 on the salaries of school superintendents.

But the GOP bully never squawked about the pay of police chiefs, some of whom were making $200,000 or more a year.

The Record just shrugged.

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