Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Editors shrug as Christie continues screwing New Jersey

Traffic on Route 4 east in Paramus moving sluggishly toward the George Washington Bridge this morning just before 9, above and below. Most of the vehicles carried only a driver.


Governor Christie hasn't lost his ability to control what reporters and editors say about him -- at least in The Record of Woodland Park.

Christie is refusing to discuss "his disappointing bid for the White House [and] his controversial endorsement of Donald Trump," The Record's State House Bureau reports on Page 1 today.

"After his brief and tightly controlled appearance in Trenton [on Monday], Christie sets off to campaign with Trump in Ohio and Kentucky," reporter Dustin Racioppi says.

Still, the best Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin can manage in an editorial today falls far short of outrage:

"Not good enough. Not good enough at all" (A-8).

What preceded that is a long paragraph on Christie's "unwillingness to explain, to the people of the state that elected him as a Republican who supported diversity, how he can now support a presidential candidate who would mass-deport 11 million immigrants and bar Muslims from entering the United States, and who was unable to unequivocally denounce the Ku Klux Klan when repeatedly asked to do just that on CNN on Sunday."

Really? What about Christie's bid to bar Syrian refugees from New Jersey and the nation? 

What about his mean-spirited dismissal of the only black New Jersey Supreme Court justice, John E. Wallace Jr.?

That was as racially charged as Christie's recent attacks on President Obama.  

Fatal hit-run

The hit-run death of a 7-year-old West New York girl on Monday as she was walking in a crosswalk with her mother is tragic enough (A-1).

But readers can't help recall how Road Warrior John Cichowski wrote a number of columns demonizing red-light cameras, which reduced crashes, injuries and deaths, and penalized speeders.

On columns about yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, the clueless Cichowski also quoted drivers saying they wanted to run down jaywalkers.

Local news?

Monday was the deadline for candidates to file nominating petitions for the April 19 school election in Hackensack and other towns.

In Hackensack, three vacancies on the nine-member board will be contested, and voters have a chance to vote "yes" or "no" on the district's proposed budget.

The Record covers schools in Englewood, Paterson and many other communities, but largely ignores Hackensack.

Last Wednesday, a story on the Local front called the Englewood district "the worst in Bergen County -- 76th out of 76."

Yet, Superintendent Robert Kravitz didn't address the city's elementary and middle schools, where 99% of the students are black and Hispanic.

And Staff Writer Matthew McGrath apparently didn't know enough about the district to ask what Kravitz is doing to integrate those schools.

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