Monday, August 17, 2015

With more Christie in N.H. on front page, readers' eyes roll

Waiting for an NJ Transit train to pass in Hackensack. Since Governor Christie took office in early 2010, traffic congestion has worsened, but mass transit has stood still. Yet The Record continues to cover the governor's star-crossed bid for the White House.


Governor Christie is being counted out as the GOP presidential nominee in 2016 by everyone but The Record of Woodland Park.

Running one Page 1 column after another on how he is doing in Iowa, New Hampshire or some other state with an early primary has alienated North Jersey readers.

Their eyes roll just at the sight of Staff Writer Charles Stile's outdated thumbnail photo (A-1).

Political satirist Bill Maher not only has stopped telling fat jokes about Christie he didn't even mention the GOP bully on Friday night's "Real Time with Bill Maher" when discussing the recent GOP debate.

Local news?

The local-news section is so weak some desperate editor had to run the arrest of two New York State men with 400 bags of heroin on the front today (L-1).

Franklin Lakes seeking an interim trustee also is deemed big news (L-1).

Meanwhile, I can't recall a single story about school board members in Hackensack whose budget has grown to exceed the city's own.

Gee-whiz news

What's the point of a new column by Travel Editor Jill Schensul on the Better Living front (BL-1)?

Today, she lists the most expensive travel destinations in the world. Gee-whiz.

Why not discuss two great cities, Montreal and Toronto, where a strong U.S. dollar means Americans get 20% to 25% off of everything they purchase -- from hotel rooms to concerts to lunches in fine-dining restaurants?

If Schensul's column is supposed to help travelers get the most from their money, the joke is on readers.


  1. I received this anonymous message today:

    "NJMG sent out a letter last week stating there offering a lump sum pention buyout.
    Did you get the letter? What do you think? Thanks."

    1. I didn't get any letter from NJMG, and I wouldn't think it affects retirees.

      Sounds like NJMG won't or isn't willing to meet its pension obligations, and is trying to persuade employees to take less than if they retired and collected their pensions for 10, 15 or more years.

  2. Here is more on the "pension buyout" from an anonymous source:

    "The pension buy out is being offered to x-employees not current employees of NJMG. The Pension is being managed by John Handcock retirement now not New York Life. You have the "RIGHT TO KNOW." ERISA RULES. Good Luck."

    1. I'll wait for the letter from NJMG. It's optional or mandatory?

  3. More on pension buyout:

    You need to call John Hancock (New York Life) they will explain the rules. Good Luck


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