Thursday, August 20, 2015

Editors bury another Christie failure, promote campaign

Ominous clouds greeted drivers heading east on Route 4 in Paramus this morning. 


Editor Martin Gottlieb of The Record continues to promote Governor Christie's lame presidential bid on Page 1, and bury his many flaws inside the paper.

Today, readers may have given up looking for something relevant to their lives before they see an L-2 story on Christie's "abysmal" environmental record.

For the A-1 report on Christie's New Jersey education "success stories," Gottlieb turned to the governor's favorite lap dog, Staff Writer Melissa Hayes, who is covering the GOP bully's New Hampshire appearances.

What debate?

The lead front-page story today carries this sensational, made-up headline and sub-head:

debate over when
a life has ended

Family won't accept decision that teen is brain dead

Of course, there is no "debate." 

The lead paragraph clearly says, the case "could spur another emotional debate over when life ends and how organ donor cases should be handled."

I doubt even that. What shoddy journalism.

Where's the fire?

Another sensational story on the front page claims Paterson firefighters were "pushed to the limit" battling a series of fires in one of the city's slums in "searing heat and humidity."

That only serves to remind readers The Record has never identified the owners of substandard multi-family housing in Silk City or reported on the widespread exploitation of tenants who live in illegal apartments (A-1).

And the photo of firefighters in the same heavy gear they wear in winter makes you wonder why no advances in fire protection have been made (A-6).

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