Monday, August 31, 2015

Could bands, tags help Christie track illegal immigrants?

On a sweltering, 90-degree-plus day this month, the owner of this new sedan was driving in Hackensack with his windows open. Some drivers don't "like" air conditioning and others are trying to save gasoline.


Now that Governor Christie has been roundly criticized for comparing illegal immigrants to FedEx packages, he might want to turn to the animal world for a solution.

One alternative is to band immigrants like the injured red-tailed hawk shown on the front page of The Record today or to expand the American Littoral Society's well-known fish-tagging program to humans (A-1).

Of course, does it really matter what the GOP bully thinks about immigration or any other important national issue given the dim chance he will be nominated by his party, let alone elected president in 2016?

Still, Editor Martin Gottlieb continues to devote an enormous amount of space to Christie trying to act presidential (A-1 and A-3).

At the top of the front page, a column by Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson discusses constituents who ask their congressmen for help with an immigration or other problem (A-1).

Jackson doesn't mention that many members of Congress, including Rep. Scott Garret, R-Wantage, spend most of their time raising special-interest money to ensure their reelection, not helping people who live in their district.

Fatal shooting

This must be the 50th or 60th time The Record has run the same headline on Page 1 or the Local front:

Fatal shooting stuns
calm neighborhood

But the four reporters who wrote the story were unable to find out just what suspect John C. Wisse did for Bergen County government, where he worked for 30 years (A-6).

Nor did they question why Wisse, 83, needed a gun, if his neighborhood is so calm and "tranquil" (A-1).

Wisse is being held in the slaying of his tenant, Gerald Velardi Jr., 58, on Saturday. 

Can he sue?

Can a Tenafly man who hit a pothole while riding his bike, injuring himself and other bicyclists, sue the borough for allowing the hazard to exist despite the high property taxes he and other residents pay?

A brief on L-2 today doesn't say.

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