Monday, April 28, 2014

Reporting that doesn't speak to most readers

The NY Waterway Ferry Terminal on the West Side of Manhattan.


Why does The Record run a Page 1 column today on what causes a tiny fraction of every 100 motor vehicle accidents?

Road Warrior John Cichowski notes the number of crashes tied to "automobile mechanical failure" declined slightly through 2012, but nearly five months into 2014, he doesn't provide any numbers for last year (A-1).

And even though he is rested from a vacation, he ignores a higher percentage of crashes tied to mechanical problems in 2012, compared to 2008.

Most accidents are caused by speeding and aggressive driving, and their number likely has risen as state police enforcement has declined.

Isn't that front-page news?

Missing information

The A-6 story on "New Jersey pilgrims" focuses on a Catholic man who lives in Bucks County, Pa.  

The reporter should have found a North Jersey resident for her lead anecdote.

Why didn't Record sports Columnist Tara Sullivan tell us something about the bimbo who is dating racist Donald Sterling, the geezer owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team (A-6)?

The young woman, identified in a photo caption as "V. Stiviano," must throw up every time Sterling touches her.

Taxing chief

Why are the Local editors so upbeat about the retirement at 45 of Fairview Police Chief Frank Del Vecchio, who was paid more than Governor Christie and who -- in an affront to taxpayers -- is cashing out $50,931 in unused sick and vacation days (L-1)? 

The Record's Better Living cover today continues the lopsided coverage of restaurants from inside the kitchen, instead of focusing on issues customers face inside the dining room, such as high prices for wine and low-quality food (BL-1).

What's the point of interviewing chefs about morels, an ingredient that is so expensive few North Jersey restaurants actually serve it?


  1. Geezer? And you put down other who use disparaging term for others. Now you are mocking old age? Where you yourself are now?

    Where is your free speech "speech" now? He can say what he wants; if employees, including those of the darker variety, want to quit, so be it.

    Sponsors may leave too; so perhaps will the fan base. Let free speech and the marketplace take care of the situation.

    1. Like most anonymous contributors to comments, you are really full of shit.

      Racists usually say the marketplace will fix things, but of course it won't.


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