Monday, April 14, 2014

A couple of bright headlines are all we get today

A home with a great view in River Edge.


There are a couple of heavy stories on the front page of The Record today, but leave it to Editor Marty Gottlieb to trump them with a big sports photo and a tease to a sports column about a pro golfer with the ridiculous name of "Bubba."

OK. The murder of three people by a gunman with ties to the Ku Klux Klan occurred in Kansas, but it has North Jersey Jewish communities on edge on the eve of Passover (A-1).

WNYC-FM radio reported today the suspect is a "known anti

And Governor Christie's decision to close residential centers for the disabled in Totowa and Woodbridge is hitting close to home (A-1).

Is this another desperate move to save money and patch up the wreckage the GOP bully has made of state finances?

A WNYC commentator today called closing of the New York-bound Pulaski Skyway another example of government purposely causing a traffic jam -- a reference to the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Slow-news day

Maybe the skeleton Sunday newsroom crew is responsible for this lackluster, unfocused front page.

Can a column about an upcoming election get any more boring than today's NJ/DC from Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson (A-1)?

Jackson's thumbnail photo is another puzzler, right up there with Columnist Mike Kelly's shit-eating grin.

Is the reporter rubbing his chin or holding up his head? And that raises another question: What is he doing with his other hand?

Good headlines

At least there are bright headlines on the front of the thin Local news section.

I especially like:

"129 years old, with great circulation
City celebrates its library, the first in N.J." 

I even forgot to ask myself why a Paterson story is leading the Bergen edition section.

Bad caption writing

But for every great headline, readers get plenty of uninspiring work from the news and copy editors, including the routine over line on the big L-1 photo today:


And a caption on L-3 clashes with what readers can see in the photo:

"Below," the caption says, "Ashley Villalta of Ridgefield took advantage of extra dye on the ground to treat 10-year-old Giovanni Russo to a facial."

Yet the photo shows Villalta rubbing the hair on the back of Giovanni's head, not his face.

Does this suggest one of the news or copy editors is an ape with hair covering his face?

On the Better Living cover, why is the versatility of lemons in cooking limited to "baked goods and desserts," which many readers don't or can't eat?

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