Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More bad news for procrastinators, speeders

Sharp stones I assembled and other debris thrown off when potholes aren't repaired can damage tires, above and below. These photos were taken on Euclid Avenue in Hackensack.


The Record's front page today brings us another tale of woe on how the federal health-care Web site crashed as thousands of procrastinators rushed to meet Monday's enrollment deadline.

The Woodland Park daily continues to hide the role of Governor Christie and conservative governors in 35 other states who refused to set up state Web sites, ensuring failure of the overburdened federal site (A-1).

How many of the people who waited until Monday to enroll for coverage under the Affordable Care Act
believed Republican propaganda about expensive policies? Today's story doesn't say.

Bad caption

The big photo on Page 1 today includes a poorly written caption.

The photo shows "a full waiting room of the Englewood Recreation Center" and as you'd expect in a waiting room, people were "waiting to sign up" for health care, according to the caption.

Waste of space

Why does Editor Marty Gottlieb think Staff Writer Charles Stile has to write a column to interpret Christie's every statement or action, as if readers can't see through the GOP bully's mean-spirited politics?

Today's piece channels Christie's alleged desire to reform the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (A-1).

Commuters don't need separate transportation agencies in each state. They need one agency to run and expand mass transit, and another to operate and maintain the crossings that collect tolls from drivers.

Bad news for speeders

The Local front today delivers bad news for speeders caught by red-light cameras and good news for property taxpayers who are hoping their towns get lots of revenue from violators (L-1).

In an interim report, state transportation officials continue to endorse the use of red-light cameras to cut down on intersection crashes, deaths and injuries.

Without explanation, Road Warrior John Cichowski says the report was given to Christie's office "last spring" and was released on Friday -- a year later (L-1).

New Jersey is years behind New York City, which has had red-light cameras for years and is installing speeding cameras near schools.

More bad writing 

Another badly written photo caption appears on L-1 today under a photo of cars in a Hackensack tow lot.

Staff Writer Hannan Adely reports the city is evicting Polifly Towing for not paying rent on city owned land for more than a decade -- apparently in an arrangement with the Zisa-allied City Council that was thrown out of office last year.

The caption says Polifly Towing has been using a Green Street lot "across the street from their business [italics added]" (L-1). 

Is six-figure Production Editor Liz Houlton, who is supposed to catch this and other stupid errors, on vacation again?

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