Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Borgs: Like father, like daughter?

The lawsuit was filed at the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack.

Malcolm A. "Mac" Borg, chairman of North Jersey Media Group, isn't the only member of the prominent newspaper publishing family to have settled a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment.

Jennifer A. Borg, NJMG vice president and general counsel, was named as a defendant in a sexual harassment suit filed in 2002 at the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack.

The plaintiff was Craig C. Caso, an employee of The Record for nearly 15 years who alleged he was "wrongfully discharged and terminated" on Feb. 25, 2000.

The events described in the suit occurred at what is now the former headquarters of The Record, 150 River St., Hackensack. The building has been closed for years.

In his amended complaint, Caso said "plaintiff was subjected to acts of sexual harassment by the defendants ... consisting of verbal and/or physical conduct of a sexual nature that did result in an alteration of the terms and conditions of plaintiff's employment, creating a hostile work environment ...."

In the Seventh Count, which was ultimately dismissed, Caso alleged "harassment was based on sexual conduct between the plaintiff and the defendant, Jennifer A. Borg, which in turn resulted in plaintiff's wrongful discharge of employment on February 25, 2000 ...."

Caso also alleged that he was required to "voluntarily terminate his employment with the defendant, Bergen Record Corporation, in the event of wedlock between the defendant, Jennifer A. Borg, and the plaintiff, which was refused by the plaintiff."

That count also was dismissed later, but the defendants -- Malcolm Borg, daughter Jennifer Borg, North Jersey Media Group and Bergen Record Corp. -- eventually settled the lawsuit in 2004.

The case had been partially tried before Superior Court Judge Robert P. Contillo, according to documents on file in Hackensack and at the state court's Record Center in Trenton.

Eye on The Record will return soon with more details of the lawsuit and its critique of The Record.

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  1. Judge Robert Contillo said this in Court on the ABC vs DEF case to Plaintiff and the Defendants (Borgs/NJMG,Defendants). "The Court" "This is a true David and Goliath Case and against a Powerful Defendant which is now represented by one of the Premier Firms in the State".

    Now its on the Record, that its the Bergen Countys Courts Opinion in the State of NJ that the Borg/NJMG Family,Malcolm A Borg-Chairman,Stephen A.Borg-President,Jennifer A.Borg-VP General Counsel and Sandra A Borg who is on the Board of Directors for NJMG are Powerful.

    Was this intimidation from the Court to the Plaintiff? Are the Judges at the Bergen County Courthouse fearful/intimidated by the Borgs/NJMG and there "Premier" Lawyers they retain to fight NJMG lawsuits? Are the Judges in NJ fearful that the Borgs/NJMG will write an unfavorable story about them if Borgs/NJMG dont get there way in Court? Should the 80,000 Lawyers in the State of NJ be notified that the Borgs/NJMG are Powerful according to the Bergen County Courthouse which is Governed by the State of NJ?

    The results of this Lawsuit was that the Plaintiff "Won". Looks like David (Plaintiff) won against Goliath(Defendant) in the end. And will continue to win,DESPITE THE MISCONDUCT/FAVORITISM AT THE BERGEN COUNTY COURTHOUSE REGARDING THE BORGS/NJMG FAMILY.

    This message is Posted on Eye on the Record to help future Victims of North Jersey Media Group (the Borg Family) with the NJ Court System. NJ Good Samaritan Laws Apply. Eye on the Record should be welcomed by the Federal Government.


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