Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christie is no 'Gunfighter'

In Union Beach, 27 small American flags are a makeshift memorial to the first-graders and adults cut down at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

You won't see Governor Christie identified as one of "The Gunfighters" on the cover of the Jan. 28 edition of Time, the same news rag that anointed him as "The Boss" in an airbrushed cover photo in the issue dated Jan. 21.

As The Record reported on Friday, instead of taking decisive steps to end gun violence, the GOP bully named a study team, and called critics of his approach "simpletons."

"It's complicated," Christie says of gun control, presumably the same reason he's done nothing about the obesity epidemic and continues to eat everything in sight.

Peering into the dark

The photo on the front page of The Record on Friday was a dud. Readers couldn't tell if it was intentionally dark or was another production error by Editor Liz Houlton.

The photo caption should have said the photo was taken inside the Colorado theater where 12 died in a shooting rampage in July.

Good Hackensack news

Hackensack readers got some good news on Friday's Local front, the departure of city zoning board attorney Richard Malagiere, who parlayed political connections into more than $1 million in legal fees in recent years.

But some readers are wondering why the story carries the byline of Stephanie Akin, the former Hackensack reporter.

Holding her tongue

Friday's Better Living tab informed readers that Elisa Ung's restaurant reviews "will return this summer."

It's not known whether she is on maternity leave again or just going in for bariatric surgery after consuming hundreds of fattening desserts in the line of doodie.

Friday's lukewarm, 2-star review of Dos Cubanos in Paramus is by Bob Probert, who recommends only one purely Cuban dish, but there is plenty of back story about the chef and the building, a former Fuddruckers.

Mini reviews of other Cuban and Latin restaurants ignore the best choice in Bergen County, Habana Casual Cafe, a BYO on Main Street in Hackensack.

More corrections

In today's paper, the editors publish a second correction of an article that appeared on Page R-1 of last Sunday's Real Estate section.

The first correction told readers the big photo didn't show the building under discussion -- another embarrassing snafu by Houlton's production wizards.

Rothman, unions

A letter to the editor reveals that outgoing Democratic Rep. Steve Rothman sold out to corporate donors and betrayed taxpayers for as little as $1,000 (A-13).

Don't miss the editorial praising unions on the occasion of the death of Ralph Gozio, 103, believed to be the last person with memories of the Paterson silk strikes (A-13).

The Borgs fought tooth and nail against any attempt to unionize workers at the daily paper, and were able to preserve substandard pay, pension benefits and even severance, ensuring bigger profits for the publishing family.

More accident news

Gee-whiz photo coverage of non-fatal automobile accidents returns to the Local section front today, in what apparently is the most important local news gathered by head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and her minions.

On L-2 today, another story on a fire in a multifamily building in Paterson stops short of reporting who are the owners of all of the ramshackle rental housing in Silk City and how do they get away with exploiting tenants?

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