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Christie laughs off Letterman's fat jokes

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No reporter asked Governor Christie about David Letterman's guess
 that Christie weighs 400 pounds -- or at least it isn't on the official video.

The Record of Woodland Park devotes nearly two full pages today to Governor Christie's Tuesday press conference about not running for president, but censors his reaction to fat jokes from David Letterman and others.

I had to watch "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" to hear his comments. Then, I went to the Office of the Governor's Web site to find the link to the video:

Governor Christie jokes about his weight  

Christie says his excessive weight is fair game because he is a "public figure."

This kind of blatant censorship by Editors Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes reminds me of how Sykes, the real power in the newsroom, has blocked any project by the newspaper on the obesity epidemic for at least a decade.

Sykes and Christie would prove credible as sumo wrestlers, if they decided to raise money for charity.

On Tuesday, the governor apparently referred to Letterman's Sept. 28 monologue and Top 10 List on how the country would be different with Christie as president.

In the TV monologue, Letterman noted Christie is a "big guy," a "big, big guy" who was weighing a run for the White House in 2012, then said 2012 is "his cholesterol."

"Four-hundred pound president," Letterman said, adding, "We would owe China another trillion dollars just in takeout."

Then, Letterman showed a video of Christie addressing Republican donors at the Reagan Library in California -- but the Letterman show altered the video to show Christie taking delivery of a 6-foot sandwich and the governor's left arm coming up to pay the delivery man in cash.

Finally, Letterman said he didn't think someone who is obese should be running the country, and suggested Christie lose weight before he returned to the national stage and sought the presidency.

"Late Show with David Letterman" was a late-night staple in The Record's Hackensack newsroom before Publisher Stephen A. Borg abandoned the city for Woodland Park and Rockaway Township, where the paper has been printed for several years.

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