Monday, October 31, 2011

Honey, they shrunk The Record!

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Ancient Chinese paper-making process.

Readers shocked by all the unexpected damage from Saturday's nor'easter had another shock in store when they finally picked up the Sunday edition of The Record.

The main news section, Local, Sports and Business were noticeably narrower than Saturday's paper -- about 1 inch narrower -- in a move to save newsprint and money. However, pre-printed sections, such as Better Living, came in their usual width.

All the sections of today's paper were in the narrower format.

Notes to readers appeared on the front page Sunday and today, but they discussed weather-related production issues that delayed delivery of the paper, not the new, money-saving format.

The narrower format means six, narrower columns and less space for news.

That shouldn't be a problem for Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and their  minions, who have been desperately trying -- and usually failing -- to fill the paper with New Jersey, North Jersey and municipal news for several years now.

But that is a big problem for readers, who know less and less about what officials who run their towns are doing, and less and less about their neighbors, prominent and otherwise.

The money-saving move by Publisher Stephen A. Borg will probably help keep the Woodland Park daily afloat at the expense of readers, as have most of the editorial changes he imposed after he took over in mid-2006.
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  1. Uhh, the paper is this way because Rockaway facility is running on a generator. No power since Saturday. Papers were printed at Asbury Park Press, and their presses are different.

    Also, rumor is Frank Scandale was fired.

  2. you will feel really foolish for this post when you figure out what actually happened. typical blogger, spewing without the facts.

  3. NORTH JERSEY MEDIA GROUP TO LAUNCH SEARCH FOR NEW EDITOR OF THE RECORD: Frank Scandale, VP/Editor of The Record (Bergen County, NJ) will be leaving his post at the northern New Jersey newspaper effective immediately. North Jersey Media Group, parent company of The Record, will begin a search for a new editor....

    Do I REALLY need to comment?

  4. Fuck him and the one-trick pony he rode in on.

  5. Ah, there's the Jerry we know and love: Class and originality wrapped up in one big, gutless package.

  6. I stand corrected. But maybe after Stephen Borg gets a look at the savings, he'll revert to the narrower format.

    The Record today finally has a note to readers on A-1 explaining why the sections were narrower. But I didn't see anything about Editor Francis "Frank" Scandale being fired, effective Monday, Halloween.

    How does that work? Did he pay the Asbury Park Press? Did he bring his own newsprint to the party?

    What did it cost for all those trucks to make the 120-mile round trip to Neptune to pick up the papers or did Asbury deliver?

  7. I stand corrected again.

    A story about Scandale appears where you'd least expect it, on A-3 today, but written by Kathy Lynn, a Business staffer.

    The announcement from NJMG makes Scandale sound like such a great journalist, so readers must be scratching their heads over why he was let go.

  8. Mr.Sasson,is there an update on reporting about the Van Lenten Case? Thank you.

  9. Yes. I'll have something on Sunday.


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