Friday, October 28, 2011

More hard-luck seniors on parade

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Editor Francis Scandale runs far more on autism than on Alzheimer's disease.

Editor Francis Scandale of The Record is of two minds when it comes to seniors: 

He either ignores them, as in his pathetically poor coverage of Alzheimer's disease and programs to help older drivers.

Or he portrays them as down-on-their-luck old people who line up for a lousy meal at senior centers or live out their last years in grim nursing homes.

Today, Scandale's front page delivers a double senior salvo -- with the elderly breathing a sigh of relief at a tiny increase in Medicare premiums, while others are victims  of a "consistent rise in thefts" and abuse.

Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes love to have their staffers do easy stories taken from the 2010 Census, so why not find out how many seniors have investments, take river cruises in Europe and regard Social Security as a nice supplement to their incomes.

In affluent Bergen County, active, well-off seniors likely outnumber the sad sacks who have been making Page 1 news in the Woodland Park daily lately.

And Scandale continues to ignore a do-nothing Congress while running stories about a presidential election that is more than a year away.

Flood of stones

An A-1 photo of flooding in northwest Italy shows rocks, not water. What about the far-more-serious flooding in Thailand? Did Scandale run the Italy photo because he once visited the region?

The writer of an editorial on A-20 jumps through many hoops to avoid naming Governor Christie, who apparently killed state funding for an after-school program for low-income children.

Shame on Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin for not noticing the omission or editing out the name of the GOP bully.

Toiling on the toilet 

In Sykes' Local section, today's Road Warrior column on traffic deaths is written from press releases and reports, allowing Staff Writer John Cichowski maximum seat time in the bathroom or in front of the TV (L-1).

A Teaneck story on L-2 is about the Police Department, not the township, as was the L-1 story that ran on Wednesday.

News of Hackensack, Englewood and many other towns is missing today.

Room for sweets

Don't look to Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung to help you find healthy eating when you're dining out.

In her appraisal of Al Cavaliere in Clifton, she reports a good-three course meal would include artery-clogging tiramisu for dessert. No salads or greens sauteed with garlic are recommended.

She also doesn't bat an eyelash over the Italian-American restaurant serving fresh Florida grouper in a butter sauce (Better Living centerfold).

The paper's resident food snob doesn't tell readers whether veal, pork and chicken were raised naturally, but goes out of her way to ridicule the restaurant for calling the beurre blanc (hot butter sauce) "pure blank."

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