Sunday, July 31, 2011

Native son lampoons Christie's weight

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Satirist Bill Maher is proud of his New Jersey roots.

On his HBO show, satirist Bill Maher, who was born in New Jersey, riffed on Governor Christie's asthma attack and his brief hospitalization.

Recalling Christie had difficulty breathing on Thursday, Maher said, "He first noticed he had a problem when he had trouble inhaling a pizza."

On Friday night's "Real Time with Bill Maher," the satirist said the governor was in a supermarket and felt a tightness in his chest.

"And then he realized he got stuck in the dairy case."

The governor is OK, Maher noted, adding, "The hospital today upgraded his condition to gigantic." 

The doctors say he's up and about, "and taking helicopters to travel 20 feet."

One doctor told Christie, "You have to stop eating ice cream out of big, 5-gallon tubs.

"And he [Christie] said, 'Why.'

"And the doctor said, 'So I can examine you.'"

Clowning around

Admittedly, this kind of slapstick would pale in the face of a serious discussion in the media of the governor's health problems and obesity.

But Editor Francis Scandale and Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin at The Record of Woodland Park have no interest in making the governor feel uncomfortable about his obsessive eating -- just as Scandale has avoided confronting fellow employees and the paper's restaurant reviewer about the same behavior.

Scandale apparently doesn't know -- or likely doesn't care -- that such grossly overweight employees as head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes call in sick a lot more than employees of normal weight, and that drives up health insurance premiums for everyone.

Sykes has been the real power in the newsroom for years, and no one is going to tell her to get healthy.

Debt-ceiling disgrace

On the congressional stalemate over the debt ceiling, Maher likened the debate to a pissing match that had reached an awkward moment.

Everyone is "out of piss" and they're "standing there with their dick in their hand."

"One party has no brains," he went on, and the other party "has no balls."

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