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Editors ignore people Christie screwed

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Editor Francis Scandale has portrayed Silk City as Sin City, where drugs and prostitution have corrupted scores of Bergen County suburbanites.


When is the last time The Record ran an interview with advocates for abused children or the parents of a child denied an after-school program?

Have you seen anything on women whose grandmothers are in nursing homes facing $29 million in cuts proposed by Governor Christie? 

What about the views of low-income parents whose children no longer get a nutritious, state-subsidized breakfast at school?

Sixteen days into the state's new fiscal year, Editors Francis Scandale and the clueless assignment editors working under Deirdre Sykes don't care about any of those people or the thousands of others suffering under Christie's mean-spirited budget.

What do you want from them? They never talk to readers, just sit in the office all day long, eat lunch and move their bowels. 

Hey, they're journalists at a once-great suburban daily. Do you really expect them to send reporters out to measure all the pain the GOP bully of a governor has inflicted and put it into words?

But someone is giving a voice to Christie's victims.

You can read all about the cuts in the letters to the editor that keep on pouring in, such as the three on Page A-11 today from Dianne Douthat of Wayne, Duane Ross of Waldwick and Jessica Cheng of Cranbury under the heading:

Series of attacks
on N.J.'s poor

Kudos to Letters Editor Charles Saydah, a lifer, for printing these letters and others. Keep them coming.

Of course, printing letters from readers doesn't fulfill the responsibility of Scandale, Sykes, Dan Sforza, Christina Joseph, Rich Whitby and other editors to bring the budget cuts to life.

Page 1 sleeper

What do readers get instead?

The lead Page 1 story reports more mea culpas from media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who lost two loyal editors in the growing phone-hacking scandal.

I wonder how much soul-searching is going on at The Record's Woodland Park headquarters among Scandale, Sykes and their minions for all the questionable tactics they've employed?

Look at that deadly dull, bureaucratic process story on curbing the state's nearly 600 local authorities, boards and commissions at the bottom of A-1. 

The third paragraph begins, "It will be a year from now and likely much longer before the authorities, board and commissions must upgrade their online transparency ...." 

OK. They spend $5 billion annually, but why is this snoozer on A-1?

More 'woops'

Page A-2 has the second correction in a row on a Paterson story, though this one is labeled a "clarification."

Someone should clarify how everybody missed a typo in the A-1 photo caption with the soccer story. "In" appears instead of "is."

Sykes' Local section is filled today with Law & Order copy ad naseum, including yet another study of two towns merging their police departments and a plan to have the superfluous Bergen County police patrol three towns.

Twelve precious inches on L-2 are wasted on a stolen landscape truck with fake plates in Oradell. Why isn't this a brief?

Marc Schwarz

On Page F-2 of Better Living, Marc Schwarz is listed in the Contact Us box without a title above his name -- a change from when he was listed as assistant features editor under Features Editor Barbara Jaeger, who was shown the door earlier this month.

Is he the new features editor?

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  1. Look again at the Contact Us box. Entertainment editor is Marlaina Cockroft, not Marc Schwarz.

    "What do you want from them? They sit in the office all day long, never talk to readers, eat lunch and move their bowels."

    Never eat lunch and move their bowels? Pretty sure they do both.

  2. So Schwarz is listed without a title? Is that an oversight or is he the new features editor?

  3. Also his name is Marc, not March.

  4. Thanks.

    The Marcing of time and the March of time.

    Maybe you can look at my posts before I publish them each day.

  5. Wish I could. They block the site at work.

  6. I've heard. Don't you love the way the Borgs interpret the First Amendment?

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