Friday, July 29, 2011

NJMG Web site blocks 'Eye on The Record'

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Eye on The Record has been blocked from commenting on stories that appear on, the Web site of North Jersey Media Group, which includes The Record of Woodland Park.

When I looked at the site today, this appeared at the top of the page:

"Due to a Terms of Service violation originating from your IP address, 
article commenting has been disabled. 
While you can no longer leave comments on articles, 
your ability to browse the web site remains unaffected."

The "violation" apparently occurred when I included the Web address of Eye on the Record in my comment.

Today, I wanted to comment on the stories about Governor Christie's health problems, and ask why his weight wasn't included. 

It's interesting how the comments from readers are far more direct than any of the so-called experts or pundits quoted in The Record's stories and column today.

Here are two of the comments:

FRIDAY JULY 29, 2011, 12:15 PM
Mimimymy1 says:
Christie is in denial of his medical problems. Low blood pressure is common in pre-diabetics and diabetics because the damage that their elevated blood sugar does to their circulatory system and hearts causes the heart to be ineffective, lowering their pressure. An obese man with low blood pressure is also in greater danger of circulatory disease due to the long-term damage to organs caused by poor blood flow. Instead of bragging about it, he'd better be monitored for it and checked both for his asthma and the causes of the low BP. If he has an asthma attack with that low a BP, it could kill him by depriving his heart of oxygen.

FRIDAY JULY 29, 2011, 6:04 AM
cedup says:
He is a perfect example, of how not to be. Bloated, angry, and unhealthy. Hardly something of an example for us, mere citizens. We need a leader that impresses, not digests. And I am no better off since he has implemented his plans. And he is under 50, this guy is zero self discipline. Hardly an inspirational person to be put in a leadership job. Are we better off now, than we where a few years ago, I think not. Since the republicans think Reagan was a disciple, let's quote that guy on themselves. He needs to walk more and be driven around less, doesn't he know anything about exercise? Horrible example for the CHILDREN, doesn't he know they are our future, and they are very much influenced by our superb leadership in this country. Bloated is as Bloated does. Think of the children, they look at the bloated gov, and tell mommy, I want to be big and bloated like our gov, so I can become president!


  1. On behalf of my identical twin, MiMi, I agree with you. First thought I had was "How much does he claim to weight"? I guess it's a state secret, like his plans to continue not running for president. As the wife of a formerly VERY overweight diabetic, my husband used to kid me about my blood pressure until his doctor set him straight about why his was low. And I meant what I said - his next attack, no matter what, may certainly be his last. And I would not be the least surprised if he is a Type II diabetic but prefers to keep that to himself, as it would not be an asset to his career. It would also go a long way to explaining his up and down emotional behavior. Diabetics with low blood sugar are tinder about to go off any second - and the other way around, they are jolly, happy Santa when they aren't napping.

  2. Thanks for your comment and your insight.

    You've got to wonder why the media can't handle Governor Christie they way you and I do, without trying to gloss over his huge health problems and his many flaws as a public official.

  3. You put your blog site in a comment? No wonder you got blocked. You should know better than that.

  4. Let me understand this. You think the paper should allow you to use its site to bring attention to this site, the whole purpose of which is to slam the paper? You block access when you don't like the post. What's different?

  5. Know better than that?

    You sound like a champion of free speech, one of those MFs like the Borgs who believe democracy is a system created only for rich, privileged people like themselves.

  6. I publish a vast majority of comments, but remember mine is a public site and my name is behind everything I say.

    I don't hide behind anonymity and a hidden agenda, as you and many others do. The paper doesn't publish anonymous letters, but I publish anonymous comments that are on point.

    A newspaper and its Web site have an obligation to maintain an open forum. Shame on the Borgs and their supporters, and if you're one of them, shame on you.

  7. It's not a question of the Record of Woodland Manor discriminating against you because your blog is critical of them. Your comment on their web site was blogged simply because it contained a link to another web site, ie your blog. If they allowed a link to go through, they'd have spammed comments from every Mail Order Bride, Online Pharmacy and Work at Home scam on the Internet. I'm sure the block was automatically generated when their filter snared a link and had nothing to do with the nature of your comment at all. Whether they've permanently blocked all your comments is another matter, but that too may be a result of the same process because spammers just keep posting comments on a zillion different sites with the same message, ie "Find Out How I Made a Million Dollars and Lost 80 Pounds in the Process" BTW, if anyone sends you the link for that last one, please let me know.

  8. Why you be hatin' on ol' Gubna Christie? Maybe he got asthma because he was exposed to second hand smoke as a child, or while making political deals in smoke filled back rooms with corporate lobbyists. In other words, it's not his fault he has asthma. And you be knockin' on yer ol' employer for ignoring Gubna's asthma, when in actuality that is the cornerstone of the paper's relationship with Christie. Why, in his very first meeting with the editorial board, if my sources recollrect it correctly, Christie stated, between wheezes: Asthma no questions I'll tell you no lies.

  9. I received an Anonymous comment that argued there is no difference between publishing an anonymous comment than when the media uses an anonymous source.

    But journalists who use anonymous sources know volumes about these sources, and can judge the reliability of the information.

    I know nothing about the Anonymous commentators who send in comments, and I will continue to pick and choose comments, lest I give legitimacy to the views of crackpots, morons and people with hidden agendas and loyalties.

    As I've said before, if you're unhappy your views don't appear here, start your own blog.

  10. Just turn your modem off then on again and you'll be issued a new IP address.....


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