Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to the United States of Ford

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Eric Cantor, left, gives a bad name to cantors. John Boehner or Boner?

The brutal treatment of a close-knit North Jersey community by Ford Motor Co. is a tortured tale of corporate greed and racism, of government inaction and media indifference.

Now, the lead Page 1 story in The Record today reports the automaker also used Rockland County, N.Y., as a dump site for tons of toxic paint sludge from a Ford plant in Mahwah, and a cleanup will start soon.

How long has it been there, Editor Francis Scandale? More than 30 years. What a great corporate citizen Ford is, what a great journalist Scandale is.

The story by Staff Writer Scott Fallon is filled with lots of background and numbers, but the cleanup is reported matter of factly, as if he had just covered a Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting.

On A-4, an Associated Press story reports suspect Levi Aron, 35,  "has denied molesting" 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, "but police still consider that a possibility," contradicting the Daily News story that ran Thursday.

Grand Old Bullshit

On A-14, an Associated Press photo shows House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., covering part of his face with his hand, suggesting he is getting ready to tell more lies about debt negotiations.

Months after Cantor and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Oh., took over, Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin finally seems to have grasped the full meaning of their obstructionist tactics.

His hard-hitting editorial appears on A-20 -- a day after letters from readers made many of the same points. Here's part of it:

"These [Republican] politicians with their blind insistence [that taxes should not be raised] are not making America better, they are sacraficing it."  Tea Partiers and hard-line conservatives "are saddling Republicans with the image of a party run amok ...."

But Doblin speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and on the page opposite the editorial, his column portrays Republican Governor Christie as a more pro-active leader than President Obama (A-21).

What about Christie's blind insistence that taxes on millionaires shouldn't be raised or his assaults on programs for working- and middle-class families, the poor, the old and others who can't defend themselves?

Deja vu news

On the front of head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section, Road Warrior Columnist John Cichowski has his umpteenth list of survival tips for a visit to the MVC office, even though local readers are crying out for a survival guide to the paper itself (L-1).

Smelly fish

Why would anyone want to go to Tani in Glen Rock, a Chinese-run restaurant that tries to serve food  from six different Asian cuisines, especially when the reviewer got a "tough, fishy smelling piece" of raw tuna?

In her two-star review (Good) in Better Living today, Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung recommends the five-flavored Chilean sea bass, without noting that one of those flavors comes from elevated levels of harmful mercury.

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